Testimonials – Foreclosures

Thank you, thank you Randi for all your wealth of knowledge and expertise. You took the time to answer every single question I had. You also educated me on situation concerning my options in dealing with the mortgage company. I wish I had talked with you first!!! If anyone is having to deal with mortgage companies or banks concerning short-sale, Deed-in-Leau, banckruptcy, etc. you need to call Randi at Watts & Herring. This woman knows her stuff, and she will… (Read more)

Steven Rogers in Alabama

Alex is an Alabama consumer who found our site and wanted to find out more information. He was kind enough to leave us a review. Here’s his testimonial of his thoughts about our firm: I discovered this firm via Youtube and they truly helped me. Thank you so much!!! First of all, we want to thank Alex for the kinds words — we appreciate it! Second, we want you to understand how important immediate action is. It’s difficult when you’re… (Read more)

Alex Ranns

Roxanne is an Alabama consumer who faced foreclosure. She was kind enough to leave us a review, and we wanted to share her review with you. Roxanne faced a foreclosure: Due to a loss of income, our home was in foreclosure. We reached out to several organizations for help, all of which wasted the remaining time we had to take action against the foreclosure. The day before the sale, we were frantic, hopeless and helpless until I remembered I had… (Read more)

Roxanne who was facing foreclosure

Toby was facing foreclosure and needed to take action immediately. His son found us and passed our name along to him. Here is his review that he gave us. I would hire this law firm in a second, since they saved our house from foreclosure. A top notch no nonsense legal team that will help you fight the battle, but you must buy-in to the process. We almost waited too long to yell for help, so park your pride and… (Read more)

Toby who was facing foreclosure

Helping Hands After I modified my mortgage and made my first two payments, my mortgage company up and decided I was in default, stopped accepting my payments, and moved to foreclose on my home. As a single mom with two small children, panic-stricken does not begin to explain what I was feeling. I had already fought for a year to get the modification, and felt I had upheld my end of the bargain by making my payments on time as… (Read more)

Homeowner who was facing a foreclosure but was able to stop the foreclosure

Carleen and her sister were sued in Alabama by a mortgage company related to some family property.  Mortgage companies are notorious for violating the law.  They contacted us and gave us the opportunity to represent them in the lawsuit (and counterclaim) with the mortgage company.  Carleen left us this kind review on Avvo. My sister and I were involved in a legal matter in the state of Alabama. We both reside in different states outside of Alabama, so we had… (Read more)

Carleen who lived out of state but was sued by mortgage company in Alabama

Ven was facing what is a nightmare for a homeowner — not only facing a foreclosure but actually having his home foreclosed. He came to see us when he was sued after the foreclosure and we were able to get the foreclosure undone (“voided”) and get him back on track with making his payments so he would not lose his home. He was a great client who did everything we suggested so he could maximize his chances of having his… (Read more)

Ven who was foreclosed and got his home back

This is a long and heartfelt message from a great client who wants to share his experience being lied to, then foreclosed, having to leave his home with his family, and then fighting back.  His family ended up not moving back in the house but they are in a much better place now.… (Read more)

homeowner who was foreclosed and then sued the mortgage companies

“John is a dedicated consumer law attorney who works hard to protect the rights of consumers against unscrupulous businesses.” We thank Birmingham, Alabama personal injury attorney Patrick Ballard of the Ballard Law Office for his nice comments about us.… (Read more)

Birmingham, Alabama Personal Injury Attorney Patrick Ballard

“I have known John for several years. When it comes to representing his clients, John is caring, compassionate, and aggressive. John has taken on some of the largest financial institutions for failure to properly report his clients’ credit and violating the fair credit reporting act, for violating the fair debt collection laws, for allowing his clients identity to be stolen, and for other collection and fraud issues. John is VERY knowledgeable in this area of law, and I highly recommend… (Read more)

Personal Injury Attorney Jon Lewis of Lewis, Feldman & Lehane

Matthew Dunaway is a long time bankrupcty and consumer litigation attorney in Birmingham, Alabama, and we have worked together on cases together for many years. Matt was kind enough to say the following: “I have know and worked with John for over ten years. We have worked on numerous cases together. Not only does John bring legal intelligence to the cases he works on, he also brings something quit rare in the legal profession…wisdom. John represents and advises his clients… (Read more)

Bankruptcy Attorney Matthew Dunaway

This is a testimonial from an Alabama consumer, Brandon, who answered the following questions about his experience with us related to a foreclosure and bankruptcy: 1.      How did you feel about your situation before you contacted us? Confused and uncertain and desperate for someone to actually understand my situation. 2.      After speaking with us, how do you feel now? Super clear on my options and what I need to and NOT do.  In particular, I now see that I need… (Read more)

Brandon Who Talks About His Experience Discussing Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Issues With Watts & Herring

Above all, John cares about his clients and righting wrongs when they get pushed around. His clients come first, and he is not afraid of taking on the Goliaths in this country who take advantage of consumers whenever they can. John is also among the sharpest lawyers around, committed to paving new paths for his clients in the field of consumer law. I can’t imagine anyone I would rather have on my side!… (Read more)

David Allen, Jr., Consumer Protection Attorney in Birmingham, Alabama

I have known John for over 10 years. John is an exceptional lawyer and a legal intellectual. He is a man of faith who tirelessly endeavors to serve his clients, the community, and the law. John has tremendous character in the representation of his clients and the virtue to do so with honesty and integrity.… (Read more)

Jason Yearout, Personal Injury Lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama

John is easygoing and a pleasure to work with, but he’s also a strong advocate and knows how to get the most for his clients. Very knowledgeable about consumer law, especially about all these mortgage issues.… (Read more)

Clinton, Lawyer from Birmingham, Alabama

I endorse this lawyer for efforts in educating the public about many legal issues.… (Read more)

Jonathan Reed, Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas, NV

I endorse this lawyer’s work. John has become an accomplished attorney prosecuting credit reporting agencies and unscrupulous creditors for violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and has obtained good results on behalf of Alabama consumers.… (Read more)

Wilson Webb, Bankruptcy and Consumer Protection Attorney in Alabama

Having worked with John on cases, I can say he is an astute and highly qualified lawyer. John takes his clients’ cases very seriously and devotes himself to bringing about the best result possible for every client.… (Read more)

Wesley Phillips, Consumer Protection Attorney in Birmingham, Alabama

I have known John and he is very well respected and does top quality work in protecting and assisting consumers with financial and debt issues. In the past I have had issues with clients relating to credit card debt and John was the lawyer I turned to, to get advice and direction. He is truly the top in this field of law.… (Read more)

Craig Niedenthal, Personal Injury Lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama

I endorse this lawyer’s work. John and I have worked on a project together and he is an excellent lawyer who is genuinely concerned for his clients.… (Read more)

James Johnson, Personal Injury Attorney in Mobile, Alabama

I have worked with John Watts on a legal matter and can attest to his solid legal mind as well as his high professional character. John is well recognized as a leader in the Alabama legal community in the areas of foreclosures, fair debt collection, credit reporting and consumer law. He has my highest endorsement.… (Read more)

Joel DiLorenzo, Personal Injury Attorney in Birmingham, Alabama

I have known John Watts for several years, and through that time, I have come to know John as an attorney of integrity who will fight for his client’s rights. In light of the current economic crisis, John has studied issues related to wrongful foreclosures and other foreclosure issues, and as a result, he has been able to help his clients prevent abusive practices from financial institutions. In addition, John has helped clients recover compensation as a result of abusive… (Read more)

Jon Lewis, Personal Injury Lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama

I have known John for over ten years. He does excellent work and really cares about his clients. If you feel that your home is being foreclosed upon wrongfully, John is the guy to see!… (Read more)

Bradford Botes, Bankruptcy Attorney in Birmingham, Alabama

John is very knowledgeable of the matters he handles. He has not only represented me but he maintains an open line of communication with his clients. I feel comfortable calling him to ask for advice. I would definitely use him again if the need arises.… (Read more)

Donna in Alabama

John has a way of explaining legal matters that removes the mystery and intimidation that I would normally feel. I have watched his videos and listened to his teleseminars on various consumer law topics and he has a way of simplifying the law into useful information for those of us who aren’t lawyers but who need guidance. When I had questions about Power of Attorney and Living Wills, etc. to help with my aging mother, he took the time to… (Read more)


I have never felt so hopeful about any situation in my life, although I had never been in a situation like losing my home. I would not have wanted to go through my situation with any other law firm other John Watts and his wonderful staff. They were caring, understanding, knowledgeable, compassionate and extremely resourceful in our time of fear and distress. I recommend this team of A class lawyers to anyone worldwide looking for qualified lawyers. They worked with… (Read more)

Kenyatta in Alabama

Thank you for helping me and always being there through my time of need.I will always know that you are just a phone call away. You are an angel in disguise and this goes for Randi also. Thanks again and GOD BLESS YOU.… (Read more)

Brenda in Alabama