Testimonial from Homeowner who was facing a foreclosure but was able to stop the foreclosure

Helping Hands

After I modified my mortgage and made my first two payments, my mortgage company up and decided I was in default, stopped accepting my payments, and moved to foreclose on my home. As a single mom with two small children, panic-stricken does not begin to explain what I was feeling. I had already fought for a year to get the modification, and felt I had upheld my end of the bargain by making my payments on time as promised in the agreement I signed. Why am I in default? Can they do this? Every phone call to the mortgage company provided a different nonsense response/reason for what was happening, and something just did not feel right.

So I reached out for names, the first two of which left me hanging and did not return my calls. I was already feeling ashamed and embarrassed, I needed help, and after two attorneys completely shunned me, I began to lose hope. I started to think maybe the mortgage company was right and I had messed up somewhere. I almost gave up.

Then an attorney friend, who had gone up against John in court a time or two, highly recommended him to me. I have not had the opportunity to meet John as of the time of this review, but his paralegal, Randi, is amazing to say the least.

Had I not contacted his office, then watched his RESPA video which gave me the tools I needed to fight back, I would have lost my home. The mortgage company’s attorney set a foreclosure sale date.

But due to the tools provided in that video, and the help and guidance willingly given by Randi, the foreclosure sale was canceled. My issues are certainly not over, and I have a strong suspicion the time will come when I will need to file suit to get the answers I need.

But when that time comes, I am confident in the abilities of John and his staff, and excited to know they are on my team. They are truly dedicated to helping and it shows.

We appreciate this review and we are glad that we could help this nice lady.  Facing a foreclosure is scary.  Facing it as a single parent with small children is even worse because everything falls on you.

Sometimes we need to be directly involved and hired to represent someone to stop a foreclosure.  Other times with the information we provide, homeowners can do this on their own.

We are very thankful that she could stop the foreclosure on her own.

If you are facing a foreclosure, definitely worth your time to check out your options.  No one option is right for everyone but usually there is at least one good option for you to take to save your home.

Give us a call at 205-879-2447 and ask for Randi or feel free to fill out our contact form and we’ll be glad to help you any way we can.


John Watts

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