Alabama Lawyers Watts & Herring Focused on Protecting Consumers from Abusive Companies

John Watts & Stan Herring

We have a clear mission — help you discover your options and encourage you to take action.

If you don’t know your options then you can’t take the right action — it’s like driving randomly and hoping you will end up in Chicago.  I guess it could happen but not the way to plan a trip.

And if you know what to do but don’t take action, that’s like knowing how to get to Chicago, but you sit in your car and do nothing — don’t turn it on, don’t press the gas, etc.  Not going to get to where you want to go.

So we want you to know the options for YOU, in your UNIQUE situation, and then we will do everything we can to encourage you to take the right action.

“So will I need a lawyer?”

After looking at your situation and brainstorming with you, it may be that you do not need a lawyer or don’t need one right now.

Our approach is that it is much better to spend a little bit of time and effort to figure out your options than to just assume what your rights are in a particular situation.

Let us help you understand your consumer rights and understand what the best course of action is and then you can decide exactly what you want to do.

Our Experience and Knowledge

We have almost 40 years of combined experience assisting consumers with many types of legal issues. Our legal careers began assisting clients with personal injury and wrongful death claims as well as consumer protection. In the mid 2000s, we switched our focus to consumer protection issues, primarily on suing abusive debt collectors and suing mortgage companies for illegal foreclosures. We have obtained verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients in excess of $70 million. We have also represented clients in state and federal courts inside and outside the State of Alabama, including the Supreme Court of the United States, the Supreme Court of Alabama, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

We have presented many seminars and training events to lawyers across the state and the nation in the area of suing debt collectors, suing credit reporting agencies, defending collection lawsuits, and suing mortgage companies for wrongful foreclosures.

Our Commitment to YOU

We believe all people should be treated with respect, regardless of financial situation. At Watts & Herring, LLC, you will be treated with utmost respect and consideration. No one wants to deal with debt collectors or credit reporting agencies or mortgage companies. We will not judge you. Instead, we will listen to your unique situation and then help you think through your options. You will also appreciate our proactive approach to representation where we update you regularly on changes in the status of your case.

Bottom line — if you feel confident and comfortable with us, and we feel the same with you, so that we both agree to work together, then we trust we will have a great working relationship and we will do our best to get you a great result.

You can find out more about Stan Herring here and more about me (John Watts) here.

If you know that you want to call us, then the number is 205-879-2447 and you can always contact us through this contact form page.

Thanks for reading this and have a great day!

John Watts

Watts & Herring, LLC

(We have offices in Madison and Birmingham and we represent consumers all over the state).