You have options to sue the mortgage company both before and after an illegal foreclosure.

Stages of Foreclosures in Alabama

What are the three stages of a foreclosure in Alabama? Introduction Alabama is a non judicial foreclosure state which means that a foreclosure does not have to go through the court system. This is different from judicial foreclosure states such as Florida. So when someone in Alabama says they are “facing a foreclosure,” this can mean different things because we really have three stages to a foreclosure. We have written this article to give you an overview of these three… (Read more)

Make sure your lawyer answers all of your questions before hiring the lawyer

You have questions — make sure any lawyer you consider hiring answers all of your questions The primary reason you consider hiring a lawyer is because you have questions about the law or how the legal process works.  Especially when you are considering being in court — it is natural that you would have questions. So here are some suggestions as you go through the process of finding and hiring a consumer protection lawyer. Make a written list of any… (Read more)

How long do I have to answer an Alabama ejectment lawsuit after a foreclosure?

“I was foreclosed on and now I have been sued in an ejectment lawsuit. How long do I have to answer an Alabama ejectment lawsuit in circuit court after a foreclosure?” This is a great question that we get from homeowners who have been foreclosed and are now trying to figure out what to do. You have 30 days from the day you were served to answer. It’s critical that you answer the lawsuit within this time frame, because bad… (Read more)

What could possibly happen after I’ve been sued in an ejectment lawsuit after foreclosure?

What could possibly happen after I’ve been sued in an ejectment lawsuit after a foreclosure in Alabama? This is a natural question, especially since the foreclosure has already happened. In addition to foreclosure, you’ve been sued! Well, there are three things that could make things worse. 1. You could get kicked out of your home. If you lose your ejectment lawsuit, then a sheriff’s deputy will come to your door and tell you that you and your stuff need to… (Read more)

If my first mortgage gets foreclosed, can I be sued by my second mortgage company?

This type of situation is becoming more common. Let’s say that our first mortgage company has foreclosed on us, and we’ve moved out of the house. The first mortgage company will collect their money from the foreclosure sale, but they don’t pay the second mortgage company except in very unusual circumstances. We move somewhere new and started a new phase of life. Years later, a company sends us a letter, claiming that we owe them money from our second mortgage,… (Read more)

“What should I do at the actual foreclosure sale?”

There are a number of ways to stop a foreclosure (even without filing bankruptcy) but let’s assume none of those work for you for whatever reason.  So you have the actual foreclosure sale tomorrow at the courthouse in your county.  What do you do?  Let’s look at this. You could do nothing and hope the foreclosure sale gets cancelled This is what most people do.  They hope and assume that nothing bad will happen.  “Surely the foreclosure sale won’t go… (Read more)