You have options to sue the mortgage company both before and after an illegal foreclosure.

The Secret Your Mortgage Company Does Not Want You To Know About Regarding Stopping Foreclosures

My name is John Watts and my law firm helps Alabama consumers who are facing foreclosure to stop the foreclosure without filing bankruptcy. Join me on this short journey and I trust you will find this time well spent as you look for how to save your home from a foreclosure. The only supposed ways to stop a foreclosure in Alabama The mortgage company (whether Nationstar/Mr. Cooper or Wells Fargo or Bank of America or whoever) wants you to believe… (Read more)

What is a notice of default letter before a foreclosure in Alabama?

What is a notice of default letter before a foreclosure in Alabama? So you have a mortgage, you’re going through a rough patch, and you’re starting to miss payments on your mortgage. Now you’re getting a letter that says “notice of default,” and you’re wondering what in the world this could be. Typically, this is a letter that’s sent around 90 days/4 months. The letter itself basically says, “You’re late, and you’re in default because you broke the contract. If… (Read more)

Foreclosure: Should I sue even if I don’t want to keep my home?

We have previously discussed suing your mortgage company before an Alabama foreclosure — but should you consider this if you do not want to keep your home? Maybe. Let’s think this through. Do you have the right to sue before a foreclosure happens? What are the consequences of a foreclosure? Can you negotiate a settlement without a foreclosure and still leave your home? We’ll take a look at each of these. Do you have the right to sue before a… (Read more)

Alabama Foreclosure: What is dual tracking?

Alabama Foreclosure: What is dual tracking? This is a term that the mortgage companies have come up with, and they’re very proud of it. Dual tracking is something they used to do openly with consumers, but now they have to be more careful about it since some rules changed in 2014. Let’s get into what dual tracking actually is. Imagine the mortgage company has two train tracks that are parallel to each other. One track is loss mitigation, and the… (Read more)

How do I use the FDCPA to help stop a foreclosure in Alabama?

Many folks (and lawyers) do not think of the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) when it comes to stopping Alabama foreclosures.  But it can be a powerful law when used correctly. We’ll do this in the article: When does the FDCPA apply in a mortgage context? What does the FDCPA prohibit a mortgage company from doing in a foreclosure setting? Some examples of how the FDCPA can stop or reverse a foreclosure. How does the FDCPA work with the… (Read more)

What does loss mitigation mean in stopping an Alabama foreclosure?

If you are remotely facing an Alabama foreclosure, you need to look at loss mitigation. Let’s talk about loss mitigation as follows: What is loss mitigation? What are examples of loss mitigation When do I need to apply for loss mitigation? What happens if the mortgage company refuses to give me loss mitigation? What should I do now? Let’s go through each one of these. What is loss mitigation? This simply means something to avoid the foreclosure. “Mitigation” means to… (Read more)