Testimonial from Ven who was foreclosed and got his home back

Ven was facing what is a nightmare for a homeowner — not only facing a foreclosure but actually having his home foreclosed.

He came to see us when he was sued after the foreclosure and we were able to get the foreclosure undone (“voided”) and get him back on track with making his payments so he would not lose his home.

He was a great client who did everything we suggested so he could maximize his chances of having his foreclosure wiped out and so he could live in peace in his own home.

He left us this review of his experience:

It has been a pleasurable experience of working with Mr. John, Mrs. Randi, and his law firm.

The time that I have worked with Mr. John on my foreclosure case from start to finish, I have never been mislead by him. He walked me through step by step. He is very knowledgeable, understanding, determine, and ready to fight.

Remember folks my house was already foreclosed, and he is able to undo the foreclosed and got my house back.

Believe me, there is still hope even when your house is under foreclosure. Just don’t give up.

I have learned a valuable experience in my case. Learn to trust the person that you hired. I believe that you will win half of your battle through “trust.”

The other half, Mr. John can use his professional tools to work for you. I am so bless to find Mr. John. I highly respect and recommend Mr. John to anybody that needs help and advice in legal matters.

Great work, excellent communication, intelligent, and friendly. Well done!!!! ( Hope to work with Mr. John again in the future. I know this is not what you want to say to an attorney). From the very bottom of my heart, I want to wish everyone success and happiness.