Learn more about your options regarding bankruptcy and some alternatives to bankruptcy. We also will discuss what happens after bankruptcy.

Biggest Financial Mistake — Filing Bankruptcy Because Of Collectors?

Biggest Financial Mistake — Filing Bankruptcy Because Of Collectors? Are you considering bankruptcy because you are sick of dealing with abusive debt collectors?  Take five minutes and read this article to understand why this may be one of the biggest financial mistakes you could make. Bankruptcy is a legitimate option if you have no other choice.  Sometimes our debts and income and assets just don’t add up the right way.  This is what bankruptcy is for — to get a… (Read more)

What is an Alabama foreclosure?

Alabama consumers often have questions about foreclosures — in this article we do our best to answer a number of these questions.  We will have links to other articles if you want to go deeper on a particular subject. At any time you can call us at 205-879-2447 to get help with your mortgage issues, especially stopping or reversing a foreclosure. So let’s get started with these questions. . .   What does a “foreclosure” actually mean? This is when… (Read more)

Alabama Debt Collection Lawsuit Questions — Part Four — Option of Bankruptcy

You can find part one (what is the collection lawsuit), part two (being served), and part three (overview of your five options). You are also welcome to watch the entire video (over two hours long) on youtube. Now let’s turn our attention to your first of five options — filing bankruptcy. IF I FILE BANKRUPTCY… “Why is bankruptcy such an extreme option?” Now let’s really dive into the first option of bankruptcy. So why do I say bankruptcy is such… (Read more)

How to stop a foreclosure in Alabama

It is possible to stop a foreclosure in Alabama — here are the ways: Sue your mortgage company as you have the right to do under your mortgage Reinstate the loan File bankruptcy (usually chapter 13) Obtain loss mitigation (usually a loan modification) Let’s look at each one of these in depth. Sue your mortgage company as you have the right to do under your mortgage Alabama foreclosures are “non-judicial” which means no judge is involved.  But you have the… (Read more)

Foreclosure: Case study of family choosing between bankruptcy and suing mortgage company to stop the foreclosure

Put yourself in the position of a lawyer who is meeting with a family facing the loss of their home due to foreclosure.  What will you advise them?  What are their options? Let’s walk through a hypothetical example that is repeated every day in Alabama. We will use an example of a typical family facing foreclosure who is considering filing bankruptcy.  Let’s call them Bob and Betty Smith and they live with their two kids (10 and 15). We will… (Read more)

Welcome to where you can learn how to stop your Alabama foreclosure

You are here because you are looking for ways to stop the upcoming foreclosure on your home in Alabama — the good news being at is exactly the right place for you. This will not be a long article — instead, we encourage you to watch the video to discover more of your rights and options.  There is a ton of practical information in this video along with the worksheet.  After you finish it, if you want a consultation… (Read more)