Sued by a Debt Collector

Just because you are sued by a debt collector does not mean you will lose. Whoever sues you must show it owns the debt and that you owe the debt.

Debt collector sue you? Find out your 5 options now….

The video above is quite comprehensive but we realize some folks prefer to read rather than watch a video so we have the transcript below.  Feel free to watch (or listen — the slides are not critical to understand the presentation) or read — whatever your preference is…. And I realize you may rather just pick up the phone and call us — feel free to do this by calling 205-879-2447 and we’ll be happy to chat with you.  You… (Read more)

Sued by Synchrony Bank? Discover your 5 options now (hint: 4 options do not include bankruptcy!)

Synchrony Bank files hundreds of collection lawsuits in Alabama every month — most if not all filed by the Rausch Sturm law firm out of Enterprise, Alabama.  I’m assuming you have been sued by Synchrony Bank if you are reading this.  You have five options when sued by Synchrony — and only one is bankruptcy.  And bankruptcy is hardly ever a good choice. But before we get into that, let’s see the big picture of what we’ll cover in this article:… (Read more)

Can a debt collector garnish my wages without a judgment?

“Can a debt collector garnish my wages without a judgment?” A big part of my job is dealing with debt collectors, and helping consumers deal with debt collectors in Alabama. This question comes up often when we’re talking with consumers, so we thought we would answer it here. Garnishment means taking your money.  So wage garnishment is where a percentage (usually 25%) of your wages is withheld from each paycheck.  That money gets sent to the court.  Who then sends… (Read more)

Sued in Alabama by Midland Funding? Your FIVE Options.

You are here because you have been sued by Midland Funding in Alabama Circuit Court, District Court, or Small Claims Court and you want to know what are your options. The great news is you are in the right place to find answers so you can solve this issue of the Midland Funding lawsuit instead of it creating chaos in your life with garnishments or other seizures of your property.  And the good news is it is almost certain that… (Read more)

How does the statute of limitations work in a debt collection suit? What does it stop collectors from doing?

Statute of limitations in debt collection suits — how does it work and what does it do for me? Statute of limitations (sometimes abbreviated SOL) is the time period a debt collector has to sue you.  If it goes beyond this time, it is too late and the suit can be easily defeated. But let’s clear up some confusion about the statute of limitations.  We often get a question like this: “What is the statute of limitations for a credit… (Read more)

Hired a scam debt settlement company and now you have been sued?

Debt Settlement or Adjustment or Validation Companies are Often Scams and Take Your Money and Let You Get Sued You are here because you either hired one of these (almost certainly) debt settlement scam companies or you thought about it.  Here’s what we will cover in this article: You do have options — actually five of them — when you are  sued What these debt settlement companies typically promise What these companies do in reality Why you got sued Can… (Read more)