Sued by a Debt Collector

Just because you are sued by a debt collector does not mean you will lose. Whoever sues you must show it owns the debt and that you owe the debt.

Debt collector sue you? Find out your 5 options now….

The video above is quite comprehensive but we realize some folks prefer to read rather than watch a video so we have the transcript below.  Feel free to watch (or listen — the slides are not critical to understand the presentation) or read — whatever your preference is…. And I realize you may rather just pick up the phone and call us — feel free to do this by calling 205-879-2447 and we’ll be happy to chat with you.  You… (Read more)

FAQ About Being Sued By A Debt Collector In Alabama

What to Expect When You Are Being Sued — Questions and Answers Regarding Collection Lawsuits Answers are up next So you have been sued by a debt collector (debt buyer) — Asset Acceptance, CACH, Cascade, LVNV Funding, Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery, Unifund, Velocity, etc. and you have been served with the summons. Or perhaps you are receiving letters from lawyers or non lawyers telling you that you are being sued — what do you do? Our goal is to help… (Read more)

How do I make sure my credit reports are correct after settling with an Original Creditor?

“How do I make sure my credit reports are correct after settling with an Original Creditor?” Let’s say that you were sued for $5,000, and you agree to pay $3,000 to settle the case. Then, after you pay the money and the case is settled with prejudice, you check your credit reports and see that you owe $5,000. What?!?! That simply isn’t true, because you settled with the original creditor.  You owe nothing so your credit report should say “zero… (Read more)

Debt Collection Lawsuits: What is a Sheriff Sale?

Debt Collection Lawsuits: What is a sheriff sale? A sheriffs sale is simply where someone takes a judgment to the sheriff and tells them they want to sell the Defendant’s car, house, etc. Then the sheriff sets up the sale. It works like a foreclosure sale, where they auction off the property and sell it to the highest bidder. Once the property is sold, that money goes towards paying off any liens that are on the house first. For example,… (Read more)

Checklist when you are sued by a debt collector in Alabama court

We decided to make a checklist available as we thought this would be helpful to you in deciding what to do with your debt collection lawsuit.  NOTE:  This is only for Alabama.  Every other state is different and we only represent folks sued in Alabama. Here are some of the things covered in this checklist: Who sued you? Which court? What is your case number? Have you been served? When were you served? When is your answer due? Do you… (Read more)

Transcript of webinar on Alabama debt collection lawsuits with John G. Watts

(This was a webinar from a few years ago — the information is still valid and we wanted to put this out here as we hope it will be helpful to you!) We’re going to answer some questions about debt collection suits and dealing with debt collectors. It’s one of the most common areas of questions that we get because there are just simply so many collection law suits out there. We talk about this in other videos, but take… (Read more)

If I have a default judgment against me, but I wasn’t served, what can I do?

If I have a default judgment against me, but I wasn’t served, what can I do? Unfortunately, most lawyers will tell you that there’s nothing you can do. Or, they’ll say that you have 14 or 30 days to do something. The key is whether or not you were served by the debt collector that’s suing you. If you have questions about being served, you can read this article and also contact us about your supposed service in Alabama. If… (Read more)