Sued by a Debt Collector

Just because you are sued by a debt collector does not mean you will lose. Whoever sues you must show it owns the debt and that you owe the debt.

Debt collector sue you? Find out your 5 options now….

The video above is quite comprehensive but we realize some folks prefer to read rather than watch a video so we have the transcript below.  Feel free to watch (or listen — the slides are not critical to understand the presentation) or read — whatever your preference is…. And I realize you may rather just pick up the phone and call us — feel free to do this by calling 205-879-2447 and we’ll be happy to chat with you.  You… (Read more)

FAQ About Being Sued By A Debt Collector In Alabama

What to Expect When You Are Being Sued — Questions and Answers Regarding Collection Lawsuits Answers are up next So you have been sued by a debt collector (debt buyer) — Asset Acceptance, CACH, Cascade, LVNV Funding, Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery, Unifund, Velocity, etc. and you have been served with the summons. Or perhaps you are receiving letters from lawyers or non lawyers telling you that you are being sued — what do you do? Our goal is to help… (Read more)

Stop Frivolous Lawsuits

Stop Frivolous Lawsuits I first heard about this issue early on in my career. I was working mainly with personal injury, wrongful death, and fraud cases (I still do) — I heard all about frivolous lawsuits need to stop. This issue has gotten a lot of publicity from places like the Business Council, Chamber of Commerce, etc. They’ll say things like, “These lawsuits are ridiculous! They’re driving up the cost of doing business!” etc. To their credit, there is a… (Read more)

Sued by Capital One in Alabama Small Claims Court? Discover answers to Your questions now.

When sued by Capital One in Small Claims court, which direction do you take? Find out answers to your questions now. You received a copy of the small claims lawsuit by Capital One and you are wondering, “What do I do now?  What are my options?” We have represented countless folks all over Alabama who are sued by Capital One.  From our many years of representing people in every type of court in virtually every county, we have learned a… (Read more)

My debt collection lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice — now what?

Problem of being sued becomes a great opportunity when you win — when the case is dismissed with prejudice Summary If you were sued by a debt collector (debt buyer) and your case was dismissed with prejudice, then this is the same as winning your case.  (I’m not talking about a settlement but where the court does this outside of a settlement).  And we are only talking about Alabama law — other states may be different. As a dismissal with… (Read more)

“Can I really be sued in Alabama if I’m broke?”

“Can I really be sued in Alabama if I’m broke?” According to some people, you can be too broke/poor to be sued by a debt collector. Some may say, “Oh, I don’t have to worry about debt collectors suing me because I can’t pay them back in any way whatsoever.” This is a false idea. You are never too broke to be sued. Even if you have no assets or income, these debt collectors may still sue you. You may… (Read more)

“Why does debt buyer who sued me have to prove it owns the debt?”

Keep it simple — understand difference in OWING a debt and a debt buyer OWNING the debt Why it is critical to understand the difference in “owning” a debt and “owing” a debt! You can only OWE the debt collector or debt buyer if the debt buyer OWNS your debt. Take your house or your apartment.  You owe a mortgage or rent, right? So I sue you. I sue you for your mortgage payment or rent. Do you owe it?… (Read more)