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Wish I would have known about them earlier, they just saved me a ton of money and helped clear up my credit report! Took him less than 48 hours after I got the information he needed 🙂 Sharon was a client of ours who was dealing with credit reporting issues. First of all, we would like to thank her for the kind testimonial! We are glad that we were able to help fix her credit reports. Second, we want to… (Read more)

Sharon Headley

John Watts is unlike any lawyer I have ever met. He is personable, knowledgeable, respectful, and an all around great guy. I met John because I had been sued by someone I didn’t even know, for a debt I didn’t know existed. Panic set in. I was horrified, and had no idea what to do. That is when I called John. He explained things to me in a manner that was easy to understand and quieted my fears. He took… (Read more)

Deborah from Birmingham, Alabama, who discusses being sued by a debt collector and then suing the debt collector

“John is a dedicated consumer law attorney who works hard to protect the rights of consumers against unscrupulous businesses.” We thank Birmingham, Alabama personal injury attorney Patrick Ballard of the Ballard Law Office for his nice comments about us.… (Read more)

Birmingham, Alabama Personal Injury Attorney Patrick Ballard

“I have known John for several years. When it comes to representing his clients, John is caring, compassionate, and aggressive. John has taken on some of the largest financial institutions for failure to properly report his clients’ credit and violating the fair credit reporting act, for violating the fair debt collection laws, for allowing his clients identity to be stolen, and for other collection and fraud issues. John is VERY knowledgeable in this area of law, and I highly recommend… (Read more)

Personal Injury Attorney Jon Lewis of Lewis, Feldman & Lehane

Matthew Dunaway is a long time bankrupcty and consumer litigation attorney in Birmingham, Alabama, and we have worked together on cases together for many years. Matt was kind enough to say the following: “I have know and worked with John for over ten years. We have worked on numerous cases together. Not only does John bring legal intelligence to the cases he works on, he also brings something quit rare in the legal profession…wisdom. John represents and advises his clients… (Read more)

Bankruptcy Attorney Matthew Dunaway

Here is a very nice endorsement I received from Paula Greenway who is a well known Birmingham bankruptcy attorney. I endorse this lawyer. John is a very knowledgeable attorney in the field of Consumer Protection and Fair Debt Collection. He does a fine job for his clients and obtains favorable results with the courts. I have referred many clients to him and would do so again in the future… (Read more)

Birmingham Bankruptcy Attorney Paula Greenway Who Endorses Attorney John Watts For Debt Legal Issues

I thought that I would have to deal with my debt on my own for the rest of my life and quite frankly I did not know what I was going to do. I hated the way being in debt made me feel and the insecurities I had in dealing with my creditors and even a pending judgement. I set out on a quest to find someone who could help me when I ran across John Watts’ website. I viewed… (Read more)

Tina Discusses Her Experience With Watts & Herring

I consulted with Mr. Watts regarding a false credit reporting/identity theft issue that was troubling me. Despite having a law degree myself, I found dealing with the behemoth financial institution causing the problem, and the complexities of disputing its report, to be overwhelming and unproductive. Mr. Watts expertly guided me through the process, pointing out various pitfalls to avoid and recommending important steps to take to ensure a satisfactory result. Mr. Watts’ knowledge, responsiveness and courtesy are unmatched. I recommend… (Read more)

Tracy — Lawyer and Consumer

I am writing to express my appreciation for Attorney Watts with a recent issue with a credit collection agency. Attorney Watts assisted me with an issue that was damaging to my credit and painful to me. I was provided with information about my rights against credit collection agencies. After talking with Attorney Watts and Mrs. Carolyn I have a better understanding about what I can and should do, if I am ever faced with an issue with a credit collection… (Read more)

Tomeka from Birmingham, Alabama

Above all, John cares about his clients and righting wrongs when they get pushed around. His clients come first, and he is not afraid of taking on the Goliaths in this country who take advantage of consumers whenever they can. John is also among the sharpest lawyers around, committed to paving new paths for his clients in the field of consumer law. I can’t imagine anyone I would rather have on my side!… (Read more)

David Allen, Jr., Consumer Protection Attorney in Birmingham, Alabama

I have known John for over 10 years. John is an exceptional lawyer and a legal intellectual. He is a man of faith who tirelessly endeavors to serve his clients, the community, and the law. John has tremendous character in the representation of his clients and the virtue to do so with honesty and integrity.… (Read more)

Jason Yearout, Personal Injury Lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama

Why they are not so busy to help in times of need is beyond me. People who need help just seem to take their time calling for help. JOHN AND STAN AND THE OFFICE STAFF HEATHER AND RANDI are great and want to help solve our issues with creditors, they have been a great resource to us and continue to be the strong help needed to face the adversarial creditors who don’t want to help us. Don’t be afraid to… (Read more)

Stephen in Shelby County, Alabama

A debt collector was wreaking havoc on my life. First the letters and phone calls, then a judgment and finally they tried garnishment of wages! That’s when I called John. He explained to me they were breaking the law. Within no time the bullies left me alone. John was able to clear my name from the judgment and the debt. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of the settlement. I would recommend John to anyone having trouble with debt… (Read more)

Leda in Alabama

I had debt collectors calling me over bills that were not mine! The debt collectors had also reported these inaccurate debts to all three collection agencies. Some even tried to sue me! I contacted John and he was instantly willing to help me. He is very knowledge in this area of the law. John was able to stop the harassing phone calls, clear my credit reports of all false information, and did a wonderful job representing me in the court.… (Read more)

Kim in Birmingham, Alabama

John is easygoing and a pleasure to work with, but he’s also a strong advocate and knows how to get the most for his clients. Very knowledgeable about consumer law, especially about all these mortgage issues.… (Read more)

Clinton, Lawyer from Birmingham, Alabama

I consulted with Mr. Watts regarding a false credit reporting/identity theft issue that was troubling me. Despite having a law degree myself, I found dealing with the behemoth financial institution causing the problem, and the complexities of disputing its report, to be overwhelming and unproductive. Mr. Watts expertly guided me through the process, pointing out various pitfalls to avoid and recommending important steps to take to ensure a satisfactory result. Mr. Watts’ knowledge, responsiveness and courtesy are unmatched. I recommend… (Read more)

Tracy from Alabama

I endorse this lawyer for efforts in educating the public about many legal issues.… (Read more)

Jonathan Reed, Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas, NV

I endorse this lawyer’s work. John has become an accomplished attorney prosecuting credit reporting agencies and unscrupulous creditors for violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and has obtained good results on behalf of Alabama consumers.… (Read more)

Wilson Webb, Bankruptcy and Consumer Protection Attorney in Alabama

Having worked with John on cases, I can say he is an astute and highly qualified lawyer. John takes his clients’ cases very seriously and devotes himself to bringing about the best result possible for every client.… (Read more)

Wesley Phillips, Consumer Protection Attorney in Birmingham, Alabama

I have known John and he is very well respected and does top quality work in protecting and assisting consumers with financial and debt issues. In the past I have had issues with clients relating to credit card debt and John was the lawyer I turned to, to get advice and direction. He is truly the top in this field of law.… (Read more)

Craig Niedenthal, Personal Injury Lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama

I endorse this lawyer’s work. John and I have worked on a project together and he is an excellent lawyer who is genuinely concerned for his clients.… (Read more)

James Johnson, Personal Injury Attorney in Mobile, Alabama

I have worked with John Watts on a legal matter and can attest to his solid legal mind as well as his high professional character. John is well recognized as a leader in the Alabama legal community in the areas of foreclosures, fair debt collection, credit reporting and consumer law. He has my highest endorsement.… (Read more)

Joel DiLorenzo, Personal Injury Attorney in Birmingham, Alabama

I have known John Watts for several years, and through that time, I have come to know John as an attorney of integrity who will fight for his client’s rights. In light of the current economic crisis, John has studied issues related to wrongful foreclosures and other foreclosure issues, and as a result, he has been able to help his clients prevent abusive practices from financial institutions. In addition, John has helped clients recover compensation as a result of abusive… (Read more)

Jon Lewis, Personal Injury Lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama

I have known John for over ten years. He does excellent work and really cares about his clients. If you feel that your home is being foreclosed upon wrongfully, John is the guy to see!… (Read more)

Bradford Botes, Bankruptcy Attorney in Birmingham, Alabama

John is very knowledgeable of the matters he handles. He has not only represented me but he maintains an open line of communication with his clients. I feel comfortable calling him to ask for advice. I would definitely use him again if the need arises.… (Read more)

Donna in Alabama

I am one of those that thought I could never stand a chance against the unlawful actions of the biggest violators of law in America. I was just a “consumer” which by corporate definition is a “nobody” that no one cares about. Talk about being wrong!!! John and Randi saved my bacon, and the bacon I needed to provide for my family from a very large and obviously well monied collection agency. I will continue to use him, and consider… (Read more)

Robert in Alabama

I came to John and Stan’s office in October, 2006 with a box load of information regarding my dealings with credit reporting issues. After reviewing the files John and Stan filed a Federal Lawsuit with 6 defendants. They kept in touch by email, calling me directly when I asked for updates or when necessary. It took 3 years (remember we had 6 defendants) from start to finish but they were always on top of things whenever I asked. They gave… (Read more)

Reuben in Tuscaloosa

John has a way of explaining legal matters that removes the mystery and intimidation that I would normally feel. I have watched his videos and listened to his teleseminars on various consumer law topics and he has a way of simplifying the law into useful information for those of us who aren’t lawyers but who need guidance. When I had questions about Power of Attorney and Living Wills, etc. to help with my aging mother, he took the time to… (Read more)


John Watts assisted me with violations of the TCPA & FDCPA due to identity theft issues. When John and I sat down, and began reviewing my information he took each situation we were dealing with, and explained it to me in detail. He also provided me with reports, and links to videos on each topic to better educate me. John really goes the extra mile to educate his clients on their case. John also assisted me in disputing the discrepancies… (Read more)

Heather in Tuscaloosa

I had a situation where a debt collector called my home and left voice messages saying I needed to call them to settle a debt. I did not owe this collector nor did I ever have dealings with them but they continued harassing me with phone calls which totally stress me out. My husband got in touch with John Watts and explained the situation to him. John informed him that my rights were being violated. John’s assistant Heather contacted me… (Read more)


John was very helpful to me in defending me in a law suit brought by a junk debt buyer. I even received a cash settlement because of the collections agencies failure to follow the law – Thanks to John and Stan for all their help!… (Read more)

John in Alabama

John Watts and his staff assisted me with TCPA, FDCPA, and Third Party Contact Claims against debt collectors. Debt Collectors were contacting my parents, calling me at work, and calling my daughter’s cell phone for a debt the collectors had been made aware was fraudulent. It had gotten to the point that my wife, and I spent more time arguing over debt collectors calling then we did enjoying the small amount of time we have together. Then we found Watts… (Read more)

Jason in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Mr. Watts has successfully represented me in over seven cases against abusive debt collectors. I fully recommend Mr. Watts and his team.… (Read more)

Franklin in Alabama

I called Mr. Watts after I started receiving calls 2-3 times a day from a collector for a debt I did not owe. He helped me through this and was my advocate during the process even though I was 800 miles away from him. I felt like he still gave me the same service as if I was walking into his office and doing business face to face since then he has helped my wife and myself on another case… (Read more)

Michael in Washington DC

Being harassed by debt collectors can be very upsetting but there is hope.  You can stop the abuse and get compensation for what you were put through by abusive debt collectors. Here is a testimonial (and you can read more at my Avvo profile) about this type of situation: Upon entering their office during the Christmas holidays of 2009, I was an emotional wreck. With much worry about losing our house, being harassed by a debt collector, the guilt and… (Read more)

Alabama Consumer describes harassment from debt collector

Amanda is a consumer in Alabama who describes what it was like to find out there was a bogus debt on her credit report, she was sued by a debt collector for this bogus debt, and so she did the smart thing which is to take action.  She started investigating her rights and then she took massive action.  You can read many of our reviews on my Avvo profile but it is copied below also: When I pulled my credit… (Read more)

Amanda in Alabama sued by a debt collector for a debt that was not hers

Most financial problems result from some unexpected change in life — divorce, health issue, loss of job, or loss of a loved one. Missy lives in Alabama and she came to us as her father was really struggling with financial issues related to credit card companies after his wife passed away. Here’s what Missy had to say: I would highly recommend this attorney. He helped my father after the unexpected loss of my mother with some very difficult financial problems… (Read more)

Missy in Alabama