Testimonial from Alabama Consumer describes harassment from debt collector

Being harassed by debt collectors can be very upsetting but there is hope.  You can stop the abuse and get compensation for what you were put through by abusive debt collectors.

Here is a testimonial (and you can read more at my Avvo profile) about this type of situation:

Upon entering their office during the Christmas holidays of 2009, I was an emotional wreck. With much worry about losing our house, being harassed by a debt collector, the guilt and shame had just about consumed me. Had dealt with this for 2 years on my own. Had previously used another attorney 2 1/2 yrs ago who took my money and suggested I sell my house. I did not trust attorneys after that and decided self representation was the way to go. This decision was corrected by hiring Mr Watts. What a blessing John, Stan, Randi and Heather have been to me! I was despondent and they gave me hope, told me my rights, showed compassion, (handed me Kleenex) :),kept me informed at all times and was always available just a phone call away. I had felt emotionally beaten and bruised when I entered their office. Now, their knowledge has empowered me, the fear and harassment is gone and the case settled. I am so thankful to God for them! This is not just your typical law office. In my opinion, they are in a wonderful ministry that is so needed and appreciated! They continue to keep me informed via emails and I share this info. They are the BEST!

We appreciate this very nice review — we are happy to help but nothing gets done unless YOU take action.

You can’t simply learn about your rights (although this is important).

You can’t simply know what to do (although this is also very important).

You must actually do.

You must take action.

If it is to sue the debt collector, then sue.

If it is to fight a bogus collection lawsuit by a debt buyer, then fight it.

I have a plaque in my office that says:

A surefire path to success is to take massive action every day.

If we can help you take massive action by first helping you understand your rights and options, give us a call at 205-879-2447 or contact us through our website.

Thanks for reading this!

John Watts