Testimonial from Amanda in Alabama sued by a debt collector for a debt that was not hers

Amanda is a consumer in Alabama who describes what it was like to find out there was a bogus debt on her credit report, she was sued by a debt collector for this bogus debt, and so she did the smart thing which is to take action.  She started investigating her rights and then she took massive action.  You can read many of our reviews on my Avvo profile but it is copied below also:

When I pulled my credit report a few months ago I found a credit card I had no knowledge of this card until I looked at my report! I was so sick over this! I was served papers at my home that the company was suing me for this large amount of money that was charged to this credit card. I had no clue what to do so I called John Watts. I had heard how great of an attorney he was and my case was something he had great expertise in. I am so thrilled he won my case and had the bad credit report removed from my credit history! THANKS JOHN!

We were happy to help Amanda and if you have any questions — even if you are not sure you need a lawyer (as often you do NOT need a lawyer) — reach out to us and let us help you think through your options.

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John Watts