Illegal Calls To Cell Phones

Find out why creditors and collection agencies hate the TCPA because of the damages you are entitled to when you get illegal calls to your cell phones.

Robo calls to your new cell phone number violate the TCPA

“I just got a new cell phone number and I’m getting robo calls.  Is this illegal and how do I stop these annoying calls?” This is illegal.  There is a fairly straightforward way to stop this type of harassment against you and your cell phone.  You know, we keep our cells with us most of the day.  So to have a company blowing up your cell phone with a robo call (autodialed call or computer call) is very annoying. TCPA… (Read more)

What is a motion to enforce a settlement agreement?

“What is a motion to enforce a settlement agreement?” A motion to enforce a settlement agreement is where we are asking a court to enforce the terms of a settlement — to make the defendant do what the defendant promised when it settled. A case gets settled and sometimes we don’t have the settlement agreement already finalized.  Or we do and the company we have sued wants to add terms and conditions that we never agreed to. The most common… (Read more)

How to revoke permission or consent under the TCPA to receive robo dialed calls on your cell phone

How to revoke permission or consent under the TCPA to receive robo dialed calls on your cell phone. You’ve probably heard about the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), and how it can prevent debt collection companies or any other type of company from blowing up your phone. This covers automated text messages, automated calls, robo-dialers, and the like. As you’ve looked at this law, you’ve most likely noticed that permission (consent) is a big part of the TCPA. If they… (Read more)

Can the TCPA help me with calls that are for someone else?

“Can the TCPA help me with calls that are for someone else?” When a collection agency or credit card company or any company is using a robo-dialer to call or text you but they are trying to reach someone else, you may wonder if the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) can help you. Yes, it can. Yes, it does cover calls and texts for someone else. It does help with collectors  or others who keep calling you can asking for… (Read more)

Does the TCPA cover text messages when collectors blow up my phone?

When your phone is blowing up with unwanted phone calls and texts from collection agencies, you may wonder, “Does the TCPA cover text these collection text messages?” The short answer is yes, the TCPA covers text messages. The TCPA applies the same way that it applies to phone calls. We aren’t talking about manual calls or texts here, however. The TCPA doesn’t cover those calls. We’re talking about robo-dialers, prerecorded messages, and such. In the same way, we’re talking about… (Read more)

The Scorpion and the Frog– why do abusive companies break the law?

This is a little different from our usual posts, however, I believe this story will be beneficial to you as you deal with abusive companies. The Scorpion and the Frog This story has application to debt collectors, credit reporting agencies, car finance companies, mortgage companies, etc. Sometimes we sit and wonder, “Why do these companies do these dumb things where they’ll have to pay a lot of money after we sue them?” Read the story of the scorpion and the… (Read more)