Testimonial from Dale in Auburn who faced a robo dialer (TCPA) against his cell phone

One of the most common complaints around the nation is companies that blow up your cell phone by using a robo dialer — also called an auto dialer.  You have rights to not have your cell phone blown up — the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) forbids this in many cases.

And if a creditor, debt collector, mortgage company, etc. violates the law, then the damages are powerful and effective:

$500 per call or up to $1,500 per call.

The companies that blow up your phone hate this law as you can imagine!

Here is a testimonial from Dale in Auburn who faced a collector calling him on a debt that was not his.  He describes his situation and his experience with our firm:

I hired  John Watts for a creditor calling for someone on my cell phone harassing me.  I was not the person they were looking for but they keep calling over and over again.

Mr. Watts is the best in the business, his firm sued and I got my settlement check today.  If you need an Attorney I will advise you to hire John Watts a.s.a.p.

They work so hard for me and stayed in touch all along.Thanks you so much Mr. Watts, you are the best.

We always enjoy representing consumers against the bad guys for several reasons.

One, this is our business and how we feed our families and take care of our staff.  So we never apologize for making money.

And we also enjoy seeing consumers become empowered by learning their rights and then taking massive action.  Watching someone go from a sense of frustration, helplessness, etc. to a sense of power and control over their lives is wonderful.  And getting them compensation is very rewarding.

Oh and if we really tick off a bunch of creditors and debt collectors, that’s a nice bonus…. 🙂

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John G. Watts