What are the legal foreclosure hours in Alabama?

“What are the legal foreclosure hours in Alabama?”

What are the legal foreclosure hours in Alabama?Well, it’s not the entire day or business day.

The legal hours of a foreclosure sale start at 11 am and go until 4 pm.

There are a couple implications that come along with these hours.

The main implication is that, if they conduct the foreclosure sale outside of these hours, the sale is no good.

“What if they do the foreclosure sale at 8 am?” No good.

Foreclosure sales have to be done between the hours of 11 am and 4 pm to be valid.

You need to know exactly when they do it, so you can figure out whether it’s a valid sale.

We talk about this in other videos and articles, but we recommend that you actually attend the foreclosure sale.

However, what if you’re not at the actual sale?

You should be able to look at your foreclosure deed and see when it was filed in probate court.

We had one case where the foreclosure deed was filed at 8 am.

This doesn’t make sense, because you can’t even do the sale until at least 11 am.

Or, the deed may say that the sale was done during the legal sale hours, but it was notarized 2 hours away from the courthouse and was filed in probate court at 11:15.

That doesn’t add up.

These are details that you should look at when you’re facing a sale like this.

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PS — If you want to know what happens at the actual foreclosure sale or if you want to know how to stop a foreclosure without filing bankruptcy, feel free to click on the links.  Also remember the sale must occur outside the front entrance of the courthouse in the county where your property is located.

Normally companies get these “details” right but not always.  Kind of like wearing your seat belt — you probably will not be in a car wreck but you never know.  Its worth being safe and same with a mortgage company trying to take your home — look and see if they followed every rule.

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