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  1. Steve Campbell
    August 7, 2018

    Relief in FCRA suit:
    Should I state an amount that I am asking for in damages?
    Should I like say asked for $10,000 or $12,000 or should I just let the court decide how much?


    • John Watts
      August 8, 2018


      It depends on where you are suing them and what you are suing them for.

      We typically don’t put an amount but sometimes we do.

      Just keep in mind that in some courts you are limited to whatever you ask — so when we ask, we ask for a large amount.

      I do suggest you get with an experienced FCRA lawyer in your state to see if it would be better to have a lawyer represent you. Normally the attorney fees are paid by the other side so it doesn’t cost you anything.

      And, as an example, we have had folks come to us with what they thought was a few thousand dollar FCRA case and we settle it for six figures. So it will be worth your time to have a lawyer who knows the FCRA check this out for you.

      Sometimes it makes sense to file on your own if a very small case but if it will end up in federal court (almost all do) then it can be very hard to handle the case on your own. Lots of lawyers are scared of federal court due to the complications and the sometimes pretty harsh rules.

      Best wishes whichever way you go!

      John Watts


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