What happens after I file an answer in my Alabama debt collection lawsuit?

What happens after I file an answer in my Alabama debt collection lawsuit?

Alabama debt collection lawsuit

When you’re sued by a debt collector, whether it be Midland Funding, LVNV, Portfolio Recovery Associates, you may wonder what the next step is after you’ve filed your answer.

Typically, there are two paths your lawsuit can take.

Your case can either be set for trial, or set for status conference.

1.) Set for Trial

Setting your case for trial usually happens in Small Claims or District Court.

You usually get a trial date in 30-60 days after your answer has been filed.

However, this does vary depending on the county.

2.) Set for Status Conference

Usually, this only happens in Circuit Court.

This is where the judge wants to see you and the collection lawyer, and pick deadlines and a trial date.

Again, every county can be different, and even the judges in the same county may do things differently.


Going back to filing your answer — congrats!  You’ve taken action in filing your answer.

Just understand that there is another step after you file your answer.

In Small Claims or District Court, it’s usually trial.

If it’s Circuit Court, it could be trial, or it could be a status (or scheduling) conference.

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