“What should I do if the debt collector lies about removing false credit reporting?”

Debt collectors are infamous for lying about false credit reportingThe main reason debt collectors are sued is the fact that they lie to consumers.

Let’s say that a debt collector sends us a letter, and it says we owe $3,000, but they’ll cut us a deal and we will only have to pay a $1,500 to settle the deb.

That may be a good deal.

But we tell the debt collector, “Hey, this needs to come off of my credit report too.”

They’ll either call us on the phone, or send us a letter that says, “Alright, if you pay this amount of money, we will let you go and take it off of your reports.”

So we send them the check to pay off the debt.

However, 30 or 60 or 90 days later we’re turned down for a credit loan.

The reason that we’re turned down is because we have a collection account on our credit report.

That’s odd, because we made a deal that they would take this off after we paid them the amount they specified.

We call them and remind them of the deal that they made with us.

Typically, the debt collector will say that they never told you that.

Abusive debt collectors will lie about destroying evidence, just like they lie about false removing false credit reporting. 

If we spoke with them over the phone, we may try to tell them the day and time because we took notes.

However, they will deny ever talking with us on that day.

Then we may say, “Well, check your phone records, because you guys recorded the call when we talked about this.”

Trust us, if they say that they recorded that phone call, we can be sure that the recording will be lost because of a “computer glitch.”

They will lie about destroying evidence, which shouldn’t be surprising at this point, because they lied about removing the information from your credit report.

We may say, “But it’s in writing! Surely they will keep their word since there’s written proof.”

Sometimes they will say, “It’s just words on paper. That doesn’t mean anything, and we don’t have to do anything.”

You may wonder, “What is the appropriate way to handle this, then?”

Suing them in Federal court is definitely appropriate.

When we sue them in Federal court for money damages, they will have to explain to a Federal judge and jury why the deal is “just words on paper,” and why it’s okay for them to treat us so poorly and to lie to us over the phone.

Our position is that they can’t get away with it, and they need to pay for their wrongdoing.  Certainly deleting the credit reporting but also paying money damages.

When you file the right type of Federal court lawsuit, it gets their attention far better than any letter or phone call and if enough people do this, then eventually these guys figure out it is better to not lie to consumers.  Novel concept, right?

So let’s do what we can to hurry them to that goal of not lying and instead keeping their word.

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