Discover how you can save your home from a foreclosure without filing bankruptcy

Is bankruptcy the only option to stop an Alabama foreclosure?You are here because you received a letter from us about a foreclosure that is scheduled on your home and you want to save your home WITHOUT filing for bankruptcy

The good news is you most likely have some options to legitimately stop the foreclosure.  You will need to act quickly and decisively but you do have options.

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Help me stop my foreclosure now!

 The problem you face with a scheduled foreclosure

I’m not being negative — simply realistic and blunt with you.  Here are the problems with a foreclosure:

  • A foreclosure is where the ownership of your home gets transferred from you to whoever is the high bidder at the foreclosure sale . . . so you no longer own your home.
  • The sale is public, but no judge is involved in it to make sure it is legal . . . so you have to trust the crooked mortgage companies are going to follow the law.
  • If the purchase price is less than what you owe, then you can be sued for a “deficiency” money damages judgment . . . so you not only lose your home but you can be facing wage garnishment and bank account garnishment.
  • Your credit report will almost certainly show for a number of years that you have a foreclosure . . . so this greatly damages your credit score and ability to get credit or an apartment.
  • You have to move from your home (and it will never be a convenient time) . . . or be sued and then thrown out by the sheriff’s department.
  • Foreclosure is a life changing event . . . that will be in the public record for the rest of your life.
  • You can lose your job because of a foreclosure . . . when your security clearance is revoked or your job in a financial services company is terminated due to having to report a foreclosure.

Many folks have told us over the years that they don’t believe foreclosure can happen in Alabama.

Or they saw a report on the news or internet that the banks have committed massive fraud so no foreclosures are legal (yes on massive fraud but foreclosures continue).

Perhaps they know the probate judge and he would never allow this (the probate judge actually has no say in this matter).

Not to be unkind but those statements are like saying,

I don’t believe in gravity so when I jump off the Empire State Building I won’t plummet to the ground and die.

Yes, if I jump off the building, I will hit the ground and I will die.

If you do nothing, the foreclosure will happen and then your problems get even worse.

Foreclosures happen every day.  Probate judges have no power to stop a foreclosure.

This is clear and present danger to you right now so you must stop the foreclosure.  If you don’t, you can imagine the consequences.

(If you are ready to talk now, call 205-879-2447 and ask for Randi or click on the button below).

Help me stop my foreclosure now!

Everyone tells you that bankruptcy is the only option — don’t fall for this “urban legend”!

Bankruptcy is one option but normally it is a lousy option, especially if you want to keep your home.  I’m guessing you are here because you want to keep your home, instead of filing for bankruptcy and then losing it to foreclosure.

Bankruptcy can usually stop the foreclosure sale — that’s true — but then what?

That’s where most bankruptcy attorneys say, “Well let’s stop the foreclosure then we’ll figure that out.”  Or “You just make your normal payment plus pay off the back payments.”

But if you struggle to make your normal payment, how will you make even more than that?  And now you have a bankruptcy that follows you around as a black mark against you.

Applications for credit, insurance, and employment, to name a few, will ask:

“Have you ever filed Bankruptcy?”

This makes the filing of that Bankruptcy a life event and will have to be disclosed for the rest of your life, even after the 10-year credit reporting period has expired.

Bankruptcy is an option but it is usually a lousy option.

Instead of filing bankruptcy, sue your mortgage company as is your right to do under your mortgage contract

Pull out your mortgage and look at paragraph 22.  (That’s the typical paragraph number).

It will tell you and the mortgage company what is to happen if you default on your loan.

Here’s the critical detail — it will tell you in almost every standard mortgage that you have the right to bring a court action (a lawsuit) to have a judge decide if you have any defenses to the foreclosure or the default.

In essence, this turns our “non judicial” foreclosure in Alabama into a “judicial foreclosure” because now you will have a judge decide if you should be foreclosed.

This is absolutely critical to understand.

You do NOT have to let these crooked mortgage companies foreclose on you without a judge.  Instead sue in the right way, in the right court, with the right arguments so that a judge will be involved.

The mortgage companies absolutely hate this!

But you have the right to do this as that’s what the mortgage says you can do.

Whatever you do, take massive action right now

I can’t tell you which option is the best but I will give you a good starting point.

Call us at 205-879-2447 and let us help you think through whether you should file suit to stop your foreclosure.

“But how much is this going to cost to talk?”  

There is no cost to talk with us. We do it this way, as we only want people to hire us and spend money with us if we are confident we can help. We simply don’t know this until we talk to you.

You can pick up the phone and call us at 205-879-2447 and ask for Randi.  She is our paralegal who helps us with foreclosure crisis cases just like yours.  She will gather information and then we’ll discuss your situation. You will have a short phone consultation so you don’t have to get into your car, drive to one of our offices, park, come in, etc.  There is simply no need and you don’t have time to waste. (Now if you do have time and want to, we are happy to meet you in person in either our Birmingham or Madison offices).

We almost always do your free consultation by phone or video chat.

To make that consultation valuable for you, have as much of this critical information available as you can but DO NOT DELAY in calling us:

  • The letter(s) from the foreclosure attorney’s office giving you the date of the foreclosure so that we can know your deadlines and other information about the foreclosure
  • How far do they claim you are behind (dollars and in months — for example, $9000 which is 6 months at $1500 per month) so we know which loss mitigation options may be best and whether you can reinstate your loan
  • Have you applied for loss mitigation or a loan modification — if so, when and what was the result so we know if your mortgage company is guilty of illegal “dual tracking”
  • Your recent mortgage statements so we can see if there are any bogus fees or other illegal charges
  • A copy of your default notice letter so we can see if it follows the requirements of your mortgage
  • Copy of your mortgage so we can make sure you have the right to file suit before a foreclosure

(NOTE:  if you are missing any of the above, still call us and we can help you find the information).

Is mere knowledge power?

You know that old expression that “Knowledge is power”? Wrong. Knowledge is only potential power. You know what real power is?

Knowledge PLUS action. Now you can have power if you know what to do and you take massive action.

So if you are ready to discover your options and you are willing to take massive action, then you greatly improve your odds of making the right choice.

We will help you go through your options.  Without talking with you, we don’t know your best option but by talking with you we can help you quickly discover for yourself the best route for you to take.

Look forward to talking with you soon.

Call us at 205-879-2447 and ask for Randi or click on the button below.

Help me stop my foreclosure now!

John G. Watts

PS – Remember the consultation call (205-879-2447) is free because we are very selective in who we help so we want you to only spend money with us if we believe we can help you. And, to be blunt, we want to make sure you are motivated to take action to save your home. There is simply nothing we can do for folks who just want to complain about mortgage companies – and I agree there was massive wrongdoing in this industry that nearly destroyed our economy – but we can’t just sit around and complain or the sheriff will be knocking on your door telling you to move.

So pick the phone and call us today at 205-879-2447 or click this button and we’ll get right with you.

Help me stop my foreclosure now!

One Comment

  1. Heather says:

    Hello, My name is Heather Hardin and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your work and GENEROUS contributions in helping the ‘little guys’ like me arm ourselves for the fight. I have gleaned so much useful information from your YouTube channel, and your letter templates, too. It is a perilous world for an average citizen to navigate without any legal problems- add trying to follow the course of the court system and it’s treacherous, with all the legalese, the confusing forms, and rules-if you throw in some real estate law, bank bullying, then season all that with some fraud– a gal like me can easily find herself exhausted, worn out, and simmering in a big pot of burnt- consumer stew!!
    I am an Arkansas resident, so I realize that you are unable to represent me, however, I felt compelled to write you to express my gratitude for your lessons. I truly am thankful for what I have learned from your videos and from your website. I currently have an attorney helping me, and I have even urged him to watch a few of your videos! Of course, I nudged gently and respectfully, I was cautious not to imply any doubt in his ability and I do not doubt his ability at all but, as there are few (ZERO) consumer protection attorneys in my area, and little concrete information online, I think he and I BOTH are thankful for what I have learned from you so far.
    I have a real booger of a case involving an owner financed real estate purchase agreement that I entered in 2010. The owner sold/assigned it to First National Acceptance Company, a subsidiary of First National Bank of America out of Lansing MI. (ever heard of them?) Anyway, when she made the assignment, she misrepresented the principal amount owed. I had made a large additional principal payment to the owner three months after we entered the Purchase Agreement. I have receipts/ proof of payment- she is not a very honest person, and she was not organized, I am certain she didn’t keep records of my payments, because she always refused to give me an accounting statement.
    I called them (the Assignee) the day I received their packet notifying me of the assignment. I told them that the balances were off. I emailed copy of the cashiers check for the principal payment, and they didn’t recieve it yada yada, you know the script. So, I continued trying to resolve the principal balance discrepancy and the monthly amount was incorrect as well. I never got any resolution, rather demands to remit payment. Also, I never got notice from seller, she wouldn’t answer calls, and she moved. The bank sent a letter of acceleration, a letter offering a a deal for me to do a deed in lieu. They never told me about needing to send a written notice of error, or a written request for documents. When I did finally sent a letter about the balance discrepancy I received a letter stating that my request would not be answered and that they had sent my account to the legal dept.
    They filed a lis pendens, and a complaint to extinguish our contract. The complaint mis-states the terms of the contract, and they did not include the note in their complaint. They are asking for an ejectment based upon a default clause in the purchase agreement. However, without the note how do they prove I was ever in default? Now they have filed a motion for summary judgement. There is a dispute of facts, there is a dispute of law, as to whether or not they even own the contract, since it was assigned with false balances. They have been reporting it to the bureaus, and I have disputed. They changed one report and then later reported the account closed with an enormous amount owed. My credit score a month prior to their reporting was 720, currently it is a terrible 530!!! There are so many more things that are so wrong. I have all my paper work, and I have done a ton of research and reading yet, I cant seem to find specific rules, or regulations to refer to for my case. Would they be considered a debt collector? The company that filed the complaint is a different subsidiary of servicer, First National Bank of America, and it was assigned after it was considered to be in default.
    They are not considered a small servicer, and I believe that they have to follow federal guidelines-
    I’m confused about whether they are a National Bank or not- because in June, a lady that I had spoke with there claimed abruptly when I asked about a modification, that “they didn’t have to do a modification because they are a private bank” ? So, that remark has had me confused about what rules they actually do have to follow. I realize this is a tall order to even ask to be pointed in some direction, but ANY direction would be very appreciated, if you can’t please know that I understand and regardless, you are already very much appreciated. Thank you so much, Mr. Watts. Merry Christmas!

    Heather H.

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