Should I hire Ferry & Nicholas to handle my collection case?

“Should I hire Ferry & Nicholas to handle my collection case?”

Should you hire Ferry & Nicholas when you have been sued?

Should you hire Ferry & Nicholas when you have been sued?

You may have received a letter in the mail from this company called Ferry & Nicholas.

They’re a company that advertises “non-lawyer” mediation services to supposedly help you with your debt collection lawsuit.

You may be wondering, “Is it a good idea to hire Ferry & Nicholas to handle my case?”

You may be wondering if you should call them and give them your money.

Here’s something positive I can say about them, if they’ve sent you a letter, they truly believe that you’ve been sued.

This company usually sends you a letter the day after you’ve been sued.  They get this information from the online court system.

Should you hire them?

Let’s look at it this way.

Are you in a legal situation?


Is someone trying to get a judgment against you?


If the debt collector gets a judgment against you, can they garnish your wages, wipe out your bank accounts, and maybe even sell your property?


If this is the case, does it make sense for you to hire someone who isn’t a lawyer to handle this?

Usually the reports we get about this company is that they say they’ll handle everything.

Ferry & Nicholas will go as far as telling you not to do an answer for your case, because they’ve got it covered.

Then you get a judgment because you didn’t answer the lawsuit.

You’ll call them about this and they’ll say, “Hold on a second, we aren’t lawyers. We don’t do legal work. You should have answered the lawsuit yourself. Good luck! We’re pulling for you.”

If you want to pay a debt collector, handle the case on your own and skip Ferry & Nicholas.

In Alabama, you have 5 options when you’re sued.

You can file bankruptcy.

You can fight it on your own, or settle it on your own.

In addition, you can hire a lawyer to fight it, or hire a lawyer to settle it.

For most people in this situation, they’re best bets are to either fight it on their own, or hire a lawyer to handle it for them.

None of these options include using Ferry & Nicholas to do legal work for you, because you run the risk they will mess it up and use the excuse that they aren’t lawyers.

If they were doing a good job with their work, then you may not care as much about them doing unauthorized legal work.

However, from what I’ve seen, they only put people in more of a bind than they were before.

You can just pay the debt collection company money directly, instead of hiring Ferry & Nicholas to work with you.

You certainly should make your own decision and if you work with them, protect yourself.  If you want actual legal advice from lawyers who have handled hundreds and hundreds of these cases, get in touch with us.

Feel free to contact us.

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-John G. Watts


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