5 Steps To Making Your Debt Buyer Lawsuit Go Away

5 Steps To Making Your Debt Buyer Lawsuit Go AwayYou need to follow these five steps to make the debt collection lawsuit against you go away as you’ve been sued by a debt buyer such as:

Now you are getting advertisement letters and people offering to file bankruptcy for you.  Friends and family are telling you that you have no options.

So what’s the real story?

Here’s the deal.  We have a 5 Step Process to help you:  “Five Steps to Making a Debt Buyer Lawsuit Go Away.”

Here are the five steps:

  1. Figure out your “current location”– where are you in the lawsuit process?
  2. Discover the five options you have when sued;
  3. Decide which of the five options is the best option for you;
  4. Take action on the best option before it is too late; and
  5. Finish the job — make sure the lawsuit is over and there has been no false credit reporting or other violations of the law by the debt buyer.

First, figure out your current location.

You need to know when you were served . . . so you know your time limits to answer.

You need to know how much you were sued for and what other type of debt you have . . . so you can figure out the best approach to handle this suit.

Basically — understand your whole picture so you can make the best decision for yourself overall.  We’ll be glad to help you do this.

Second, think through your five options.

You have five options when sued:

  1. File bankruptcy — normally a terrible choice.
  2. Fight the collection suit on your own — this can be a good choice.
  3. Settle the lawsuit on your own — normally a bad choice but occasionally this is the best one for you.
  4. Hire a lawyer to fight the lawsuit for you — you would expect this to increase your chance of success and you do need to know the cost of doing this.
  5. Settle the case by hiring a lawyer — again you want to fully understand the cost.

For most folks, option two (fight the lawsuit on your own) or hiring a lawyer will be the best.  If you hire our firm, we will give you a flat fee so you know exactly what the cost is to have us help you.  We almost always give the debt collector the option to settle the case as long as you pay no money, they delete their reporting off of your credit report, and they drop the lawsuit with prejudice.

Third, pick the best option for you.

So which is best for you?

I don’t know — but when we talk, we can help you figure this out.

We help you evaluate your risk, whether you have more time or more money, etc.  For some folks, they don’t have any money but they do have time to get themselves ready for trial.  And they don’t mind taking the risk of representing themselves.

But others want the sure thing — they don’t want to walk into a courtroom by themselves.  For them, hiring us to make the case go away is the best move.

Whatever your situation, we’ll help you think through the best approach.

Fourth, take immediate action on whichever option you choose.

Whatever option — do it.

Take immediate action.

If you are representing yourself, we have some resources and advice for you.  Jump right in and get started.

If you are hiring us — let’s talk.  Let’s get it going right now.

Be someone who takes action — not someone who endlessly studies everything under the sun.

Fifth, finish the job.

Whatever option you chose — after it is over, make sure it is really over.  So if you handled on your own — do you now need to sue the debt collector in federal court?  We have filed dozens and dozens of these cases for folks who won their collection cases on their own.

If you settled, is your credit report accurate?

Whatever option you choose, we’ll help you understand how to “finish the job” so you get everything you are entitled to receive.  We don’t want you to, for example, settle your case but then not get accurate credit reporting.

We want you to truly be able to put this debt buyer behind you where it belongs.

If you are interested in this, and only if you live in Alabama, then you can call us at 205-879-2447 or fill out the form below and we will do several things for you:

  • We will set up a free call to help you think through your options;
  • We’ll do this so you can discover which option is best for you;
  • We’ll encourage you to take the right action on the right option; and
  • If you have hired us we’ll explain our plan to make sure this debt buyer leaves you alone and does not collect on this debt against you — including no credit reporting on this debt.

Remember you have the following time limits in Alabama when sued:

  • 30 days from when you were served if you were sued in Circuit Court;
  • 14 days from when you were served if you were sued in District Court; and
  • 14 days from when you were served if you were sued in Small Claims Court.

Make sure you take action today to find out your rights and if we can help you, pick up the phone and call us at 205-879-2447 or fill out our contact form.

John Watts

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