Why does a debt collector lie about suing me?

A collector lies to help themselves

“Why does a debt collector lie about suing me?”

When you’re dealing with debt collector who keeps calling and threatening you, you may wonder, “Why is this collector lying about suing me?” or, “Why are they threatening to put me in jail?”

There’s a couple of reasons why.

1.) It’s a complete scam

Sometimes that’s the answer.

Their false claims are designed to get you to pay them.

2.) They will lie to get you to make a payment

Usually this is over debt that’s outside of the Statute of Limitations.

However, the debt collector gets you to pay a $100 dollar payment, and they sue you.

If they get you to make one payment, they can and will sue you.

Their claim for suing you is that you restarted the Statute of Limitations by making a payment.

You may be wondering, “Why would a debt collector risk being sued just so I will make a payment to them?

Well, if it’s a $5,000 debt, then they figure that you’ll be consistent with those payments.

As long as they threaten to sue you if you don’t pay, of course.

Recently, we had a case where someone was being threatened by a debt collector.

The phone call about threatening to sue/imprison this person wasn’t recorded.

They only recorded the phone call about paying the debt over the phone. 

This is because they don’t want a record that proves they tried to collect on a debt that’s 8-10 years old.

If you have someone calling you on an ancient debt, understand that they’re trying to get you to make one payment so that they can claim that the Statute of Limitations was restarted.

Be aware of this and there is no reason to pay a debt that is outside the statute of limitations.

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