Who is Asset Acceptance and why are they suing me?

Discover what you should do about Asset Acceptance contacting you

Discover who this company is and why they’re bothering you.

You may have gotten a letter in the mail from a company by the name of Asset Acceptance.

You may be wondering, “Who is Asset Acceptance and why are they suing me?”

This is a good question, because Asset Acceptance files quite a few cases a week in Alabama.

Who is Asset Acceptance?

They are a debt collection agency, or a debt buyer.

They claim to buy old debt.

Usually it’s old credit card debt, but sometimes it’s other types of debt.

Generally they sue you, and credit report on you, because they claim to own the debt.

Sometimes they give you the courtesy of sending you a letter telling you that they’re suing you, however other times they won’t send you collection letters.

Why are they suing me?

They claim that you owe them money instead of owing the original creditor.

Let’s say that you used to owe money to Capital One.

Asset Acceptance claims that they bought that debt, and that you have to pay it.

What do they want?

They want your money.

They also want you to agree to pay them.

If you don’t agree to pay them, then they will get a judgment saying that you owe them.

Even if you do agree to pay, often they want a “consent judgment” which is a judgment from court saying that you owe them money.

You may be wondering, “Well, why do that want that?”

They want that judgment because it allows them to put it on your credit report (which damages your credit), garnish up to 25% of your wages, and garnish (or wipe out) your bank accounts.

In some cases, they can even seize and sell your property.

What are my options?

We have another article about your 5 options, however here’s a summary of those options.

1.) You can file bankruptcy,

This is very rarely the right answer, however depending on the situation it can be the right one.

2.) You can fight it on your own.

You don’t have to hire an attorney for this, but you do need to invest time into your case.

We often encourage people who come and talk to us about their options to do this when it looks like they can win their case on their own.

3.) You can settle it on your own,

This option isn’t usually very good but it is an option.

4.) You can hire a lawyer to fight it.

You have to invest money, however you would have an attorney to handle the case.

5.) You can hire a lawyer to settle it.

Again, you have to pay money, but you would have an attorney to help you with the case.

Generally when we deal with a debt collector, we give them to choice to either try the case or settle the case.

We tell them that we won’t sue them if they get this debt off your credit reports, and dismiss your case with prejudice without paying the company a penny.

A warning to be careful when dealing with Asset and your credit reports.

Asset Acceptance loves to credit report on consumers.

Almost all debt collectors credit report, and these companies may leave the debt on your credit report for a month or two before taking it off.

However, Asset Acceptance loves to keep debts on your credit report continually.

Even if you win your case, and even if you settle your case, they will still keep it on your credit report, which is illegal.

Just keep this in mind when you’re dealing with Asset Acceptance.

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-John G. Watts


  1. rose says:

    i just got a notice from my job that this company, asset acceptance, will be garnishing my wages bc of what they say is a student loan. i have the first page of the so called judgement and it is from a debt in 2009 but i wasnt in school at all at that time. and the “front page of the judgment”, there is no date on this form that was sent to my job. ..
    is this legal? what can i do to protect myself? .. if you can help me i would greatly appreciate it..
    thank you
    rose wilson

    • John Watts says:


      Get with my office (assuming this lawsuit is in Alabama) and we can help you think through this. It may be the loan was shown as taken out after you were in school or before but the bottom line is you need to know if the judgment is legit.

      Is there a lawsuit against you?

      Were you served?

      Was there a default judgment entered against you?

      If all the above is true, then even if you really don’t owe the money, not much can be done as there is a judgment against you. But if you were not served, you will have some options.

      Call us if this is about an Alabama judgment/garnishment — 205-879-2447 — ask for Carolyn and she’ll look up the case on the Alabama court system.


      John Watts

  2. Brandi Pressley says:

    I was never served never even knew I had liens 3 of them I think idk what they r for or anything just searched myself and found these liens

    • John Watts says:


      If you are in AL call Carolyn at my office at 205-879-2447 and we can look up the cases to see what happened. If you have a lien, that means Asset Acceptance is saying it has a judgment against you.

      Which has to mean you were served and did not answer for there to be a judgment. OR it means the court THINKS you were served, and you were not, and in that case if you can prove it, the court should set aside those judgments.

      If you are not in AL get with a lawyer in your state to help you find out about the lawsuits. https://www.consumeradvocates.org/find-an-attorney is a good place to start.

      Best wishes and hope you can get this cleared up very quickly!!


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