What happens if I don’t show up to trial in my collection case?

“What happens if I don’t show up to trial in my collection case?”

What happens if I don't show up to trial in my collection case?

Don’t sit back and wait for the trial date to pass.

When you’re dealing with a collection case, you may wonder, “what would happen if I ignore my trial in my collection lawsuit?”

The short answer is that you would lose

I could just leave it at that.

However, I’d like to expand on this.

Trial is the time for both sides to show up

The debt collector has to present its case in front of a judge.

If they don’t show up, they lose, and if you don’t show up, you lose.

Either side can be represented by a lawyer.

If you don’t show up, you will get a default judgment against you

Some people are beside themselves saying, “this isn’t fair! This is injustice! I never got my day in court.”

Well, if you have a trial date and you don’t show up, you missed your day in court.

It’s important to make sure that you know when your trial date is.

If you already have a lawyer, they will take care of it for you.

Otherwise, if you haven’t been mailed a trial date notice, call the court.

They can give you the date if you did not get it in the mail.

In addition to finding out when your trial is, make sure you show up on time

It’s very sad, because so many consumers will answer their lawsuit– and many don’t even do that— but they won’t show up to their trial, and they lose their case.

 Really, if you don’t show up, answering your collection case isn’t worth much.

When you answer the lawsuit, make sure you show up to trial on time.

You could even hire a lawyer to go to trial for you,

Do something,

You don’t want to miss this.

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