Four Steps to Fixing Identity Theft in Alabama

identity theft

Credit reports need to be checked to make sure they’re correct.

Identity theft is a huge concern for all of us.

We don’t want to be denied a job or security clearance because there are accounts in your name that aren’t yours.

It’s one thing to have negative account that is yours, but it is something else if you have a dozen negative accounts that you don’t own.

That’s something you don’t want.

Even if they’re positive accounts, which happens occasionally, it’s not your account.

You may be wondering, “Well, what should I do if I’m dealing with identity theft?”

1.) Pull your credit reports to make sure identity theft isn’t an issue

You can’t know what’s wrong until you do.

Go to where you can pull your reports for free.

2.) Look at your credit reports

Figure out whether they are correct or not.

If you find any addresses, accounts, anything that isn’t right, check it out.

Make a note of those things.

3.) Send a dispute letter via certified mail

Certified mail is where you get a green stub back when you mail the letters.

You send them a letter, and give them proof.

Usually that means that you send an identity theft affidavit, which you can get from the FTC, or you can contact us (205-879-2447) and we can help you with that.

You also may send a police report where you say, “Look, I’m a victim of identity theft. This is not my account.”

Sometimes the police refuse to write a report, but usually they will do it.

Then you include documents such as a copy of your driver’s license, a recent utility bill, or a bank statement that shows who you are and where you live.

4.) Then, you’ll get your investigation results back from the credit bureau

Hopefully, they will get rid of this issue.

If they do, then that’s great!

You’re done.

Then you would just need to keep an eye on your credit reports.

You may be wondering, “What if they’re so sure that it’s my debt that they won’t fix it?

Some people do nothing, which seems crazy, but it’s your choice.

I doubt you would be looking at this article if you decided to do nothing about your identity being stolen.

You can dispute it again

Usually the credit bureaus will say, “Woah there, we’ve already done this. We don’t have to go through this again.

However, sometimes they will look into your case.

Another option is to sue them in Federal Court

Typically, this is the best way to get your credit report fixed.

You sue the credit bureau, you sue the furnisher, whoever provided that information, whoever that is.

When you’re sued in Federal Court, and you have a solid case with lawyers who know what they’re doing, generally the bureau will ask, “How much will it be to heal your client?

From there it’s about negotiating.

Sometimes they firmly believe it’s your debt.

They better be right, because if they’re wrong when we get to trial, it’ll be very painful for them.

Here’s a quick review of these steps

1.) Pull your credit reports.

2.) Look at your reports for errors. 

3.) Send them a dispute letter via certified mail.

4.) Once you’ve gotten your results, if they don’t fix it, sue them in Federal Court. 

Feel free to contact us

If you live in Alabama and you have any questions about this, you can call us at 1-205-879-2447, or you can fill out a contact form and we will happily get in touch with you.

I look forward to chatting with you!

Have a great day.

-John G. Watts


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