Can the debt collector appeal if I win my case?

“Can the debt collector appeal if I win my case?”

Are you trying to find out everything you can about the debt collector in your lawsuit?

Are you trying to find out everything you can about your collection lawsuit?

When you’re dealing with a collection lawsuit, you may wonder, “can a debt collector appeal the case if I win my collection case?”

The answer is yes, they can.

It works just as it would if you lost your case and wanted to appeal.

You can look at our article on appealing in Small Claims and District Court if you’re interested.

If we’re honest, not very many people appeal.

Typically, the reason for not appealing is that the debt collector would just be repeating the same mistakes.

They can’t provide evidence in Small Claims or District Court, so they won’t be able to prove anything in Circuit Court either.

The debt collector may harm themselves more by digging a deeper hole with their mistakes.

It’s a rare thing to appeal, but it’s a good thing to keep in mind

Regardless of who wins, it’s a good idea to remember that appealing is a potential action that can be taken.

If you’ve won your case, definitely get in touch with us to discuss your options.

It’s good to make sure that your credit reports are accurate, and look at suing the debt collector if they have violated the law.

The laws they could have violated would be Alabama State Law and the FDCPA, or Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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Even if you haven’t gone to trial, you may be thinking ahead to, “what if I win?”

Sometimes it helps to talk through your options.

Whether you should fight the case on your own,  hire a lawyer for your case, settle the case on your own, make sure you take action.

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