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  1. sharon le Flore
    February 6, 2017

    Answered door to server was getting ready for shower on Sunday morning. Door was barely cracked said he would leave papers at door on ground. Is that a legal serve..


    • John Watts
      February 7, 2017


      In Alabama that’s probably ok since he was talking to you through the door. Not sure why didn’t just hand the papers through the crack in the door.

      I personally would not argue it was bad service since you knew about it and I presume received the papers.

      Give us a call at 205-879-2447 and ask for Carolyn — she’ll look up your case and set us up a call to discuss your options (assuming you live in Alabama).

      Thanks and best wishes!

      John Watts


  2. Richard
    December 15, 2017

    If this happens it’s just left, you will get a court date in the mail and another letter or 2 from the courts and sheriff..Just hand them right back to your mailcarrier n return to sender. Just bc someone sends you something doesn’t mean you Have to open it. Received my judgement of dismissal after 90 days last month. Now they really want to settle.


    • John Watts
      December 16, 2017


      You have to be very careful with the strategy mentioned — it is all based on the court ruling that you were never served.

      If the court gets it wrong and believes you were served, then a judgment is coming.

      Multiple strategies on the best way to handle matters — thanks for sharing your approach. With any strategy/approach, we need to be careful and thoughtful and fully understand the risks and benefits.

      Thanks again!



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