“Who is LVNV Funding, LLC and what do they want from me?”

“So who in the world is LVNV Funding, LLC?”

"Who is LVNV Funding, LLC and what do they want from me?"It’s a debt collector that is either collecting an old debt or suing you in Alabama state court.

LVNV will claim to have bought your debt from some other company.  Here is a typical pattern of how the debt goes:

Chase -> Midland Funding (or some other debt buyer) -> A second debt buyer -> LVNV.

And actually there are multiple “related” companies of LVNV that claim to buy the debt and then finally get it to LVNV.

“Should I take it seriously or ignore LVNV?”

Let me say this.  My firm has sued LVNV many many times.  We have multiple judgments against LVNV.

My opinion is LVNV is either very careless or it intentionally violates the law, especially in credit reporting and suing Alabama consumers.


It is a real company.

This is not some scam company out of India collecting bogus pay day loans.  This is a real company in America that will credit report on you, have a collector call you, and/or sue you.

If you ignore LVNV, there will normally be bad consequences.  Especially if you have been sued.

If you ignore the collection lawsuit filed by LVNV, you will end up with a real judgment against you.

Real garnishment of your bank accounts.

Real garnishment of your wages.

These are real liens on your properties and even the forced sale of your properties to pay the real judgment.

“Should I pay LVNV what it claims I owe?”

I can’t give you legal advice without representing you and knowing your situation.

But I will tell you this.

We often see LVNV fail in its lawsuits against Alabama consumers.

If it can’t prove in court after it sues, then why would you pay it before a suit without demanding some type of proof?

Before a lawsuit is filed we suggest you send a simple dispute letter to LVNV.  See what it sends you in writing showing what you owe and how you owe it.

“If I think LVNV has violated the law, what should I do right now?”

Take immediate action.

If you live in Alabama, feel free to call us at 205-879-2447 or fill out our form and send us a message.  We’ll get right back with you.

We can help you evaluate whether LVNV is following the law or not and help you think through your options.  (If you have been sued check out our 24 minute video discussing your five (5) options you have when sued by a collector in Alabama).

The worse thing to do is nothing.  So don’t do that.  Instead take action and find out your rights and options so you will know the best course of action for you to take.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

John Watts


  1. Keidra says:

    Can you give me info on someone in ms that can handle a case against lvnv?
    Thank you so much

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