“Will I Get A Copy Of The Lawsuit When You File It?”

“Will I Get A Copy Of The Lawsuit When You File It?”

"Will I Get A Copy Of The Lawsuit When You File It?"Yes, if you have hired us as your lawyer, then as soon as we file your case, you will get what is known as a “stamped filed” copy of the lawsuit.

This means that once we have a copy of it, or the “complaint,” that has been stamped as being filed by a federal court, then we will send that to you.

We generally send this both as an email attachment as well as a hard copy through the mail.

Of course, what is in the lawsuit are the items that we have already discussed.

However, we like you to have the official filed copy of it that you can keep with your other records about the lawsuit.

So what you do with your copy of the case?

First, read over it to make sure that all the factual allegations are correct and accurate.

Second, read over it and if you have any questions about the legal claims that are made in the lawsuit, write those questions down and email those to us.

Or, call into the office (205-879-2447) to set up a call so we can go over any questions that you have.

We want you to be completely comfortable and confident in the lawsuit that has been filed.

The best way to do this is to answer any questions that you have.

Third, keep it with your other records as this is something that you may refer back to as we go through what is known as the “discovery process.”

This is where the other side can ask you questions in writing.

Then, ultimately, they ask you questions in a deposition sitting in a conference room with the court reporter.

It’s helpful to you if you’re able to refer back to the lawsuit, or simply know that the defense lawyer can look at the lawsuit for answers to their questions.

What if you realize that some point that the facts alleged are not accurate or you remember other facts that you think might be important?

The answer is very simple.

You simply let us know.

If there is something stated in the lawsuit that is incorrect, then we will fix that.

If you remember other facts, then we will decide whether those need to be included in the lawsuit.

Or, if that is something that is not necessary to add to the lawsuit.

We do not have to put every single fact into the lawsuit.

Also, there are often times when we will purposely not allege a certain fact for strategic reasons.

We do have to allege enough facts to let the other side know what the lawsuit is about.

However, that does not mean that every single fact must be included.

Sending you the lawsuit is part of helping you to have an excellent experience with our firm.

Especially in the case process.

Part of why we will send it to you is we want you to have as good of experience as you possibly can going through a lawsuit.

We have never “sugarcoated” the process and said that it is easy and effortless.

The truth is, filing a lawsuit involves a lot of work.

Pursuing your lawsuit through the court system involves a lot of work.

One way we can make it as easy as possible is by making sure that we have kept you informed throughout the entire process.

This begins with making sure that you have a copy of the suit.

Then, we will send you copies of other documents as we go through the court system.

If you already have a lawyer, the make sure that you get with your own lawyer.

But for our clients, know that you will get copies of the papers.

That first document is the lawsuit or the complaint.

We represent consumers all over the state of Alabama.

We will be happy to speak with you.

You can reach us by phone at 1-205-879-2447.

Or you can contact us through our online contact form through this website.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

-John G. Watts

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