Overview of series on the 5 keys to using the TCPA to stop cell phone harassment

Overview of series on the 5 keys to using the TCPA to stop cell phone harassment

Overview of series on the 5 keys to using the TCPA to stop cell phone harassmentWelcome to our series of articles on using the TCPA — Telephone Consumer Protection Act — to stop illegal calls to your cell phone.

If the calls are coming in and they violate the law then the best way to stop the calls is to sue the company and recover damages of either $500 or $1500.

Per call.

So the company that is calling you twice a day illegally may owe you $1000 or $3000 per day.


Debt collectors.

Mortgage companies.

Auto finance companies.

They hate this law.

With a passion.

Because it is so valuable and useful to you, I congratulate you on being here to find out more about this to protect yourself.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I’ve been a consumer lawyer in Alabama for 18 years.

I handle these types of cases. I give presentations, whether it’s to consumer groups or to lawyers for many years.

I’ve recently presented to Alabama lawyers, and we had a national webinar on class actions and the TCPA this year.

We had two lawyers from the plaintiff side (consumer side – I was one of them) and two lawyers from the industry side.

I have clients who have received a lot of money in these types of cases.

I’ve been asked to be on a law show on December 22 – “The Law and Your Money” and I’ve been interviewed on TV and radio.

That’s my background.

Hopefully it gives you a little bit of flavor about my experience and some insight into what I’m saying here.

What we will discover in our series

Let’s talk about what we’re going to discover.

We’re going to really hit five things.

First, we’re going to focus on the fact that it’s only certain types of calls to cell phones which are covered by this law.

Secondly, we’ll talk about whether we gave permission. Assuming it’s a computer call, did we give permission for that call to come to our cell phone?

Third, if we gave permission, can we revoke it? There has been a lot of litigation over this issue.

The fourth step will be a very practical step to document the calls.

The final step will be whether you have this option to sue under the TCPA for those money damages that we just talked about.

Contact Us.

In this series I’m going to give as much practical information as I can.

If you have questions about whether calls or texts you are receiving to your cell phone may violate the TCPA, feel free to call us at 1-205-879-2447.

 You can also contact us online and we will be glad to discuss your options with you.  

We are also happy to send you a free information package so you can better understand your rights.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

-John G. Watts

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