“I just got sued — what is a debt collector or debt buyer?”

“Why am I being sued by some company I have never heard of like Midland Funding, LVNV Funding, Portfolio Recovery, etc?”

"I just got sued -- what is a debt collector or debt buyer?"Another way to ask the question is “What is a debt collector or a debt buyer?”

A “debt collector” is a company which collects debts and is not the original creditor.

A “debt buyer” — examples above — is a company that claims to have bought your old debt and is now suing you for it.

Remember there is a big difference in claiming to own the debt and proving in a court of law that it owns the debt.

Make sure you answer your lawsuit before the deadlines:

  • 14 days from when you were served if sued in Small Claims or District Court; and
  • 30 days in Circuit Court.

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