“Why should I keep my credit reports when they look right?”

“Why should I keep my credit reports when they look right?”

"Why should I keep my credit reports when they look right?"You pulled your credit reports.

And you’ve looked at them.

You don’t see any errors.

So the question that often comes up is “Why should I keep these credit reports since everything looks fine?”

That’s a great question and here is the biggest reason you should keep the reports.

You don’t know the future.

Accounts which are reported correctly today may be falsely reported next week or next month or next year.

It is great to have a record to show that the account was reporting correctly but now is being reported incorrectly.

So, for example, you have a Chase account that shows it is paid off.

But next year, the Chase account has supposedly been sold to a debt buyer named LVNV which shows you owing $3,000.

Well, you know you don’t owe anything because you paid the account off.

Remember, your credit report was correct.

Fortunately you kept it which shows that at least Chase thought the account was paid off and nothing was owed.

So how can the LVNV account showing you owe a balance be correct when you know you don’t owe anything?

Having that report can be very helpful — whether you deal directly with LVNV or whether you dispute through the credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion).

If you scan in your reports — you can store them cheaply on your google drive or dropbox or even just email them to a gmail or yahoo account and you’ll have them saved “in the cloud.”

It sure is nice to have these to show an error — and the errors never “pop up” when it is convenient.  They always come around when you can least afford to have a mistake on your credit report so you want to have all the information handy to show the reporting is false.


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