Would You Like To Have Your Credit Report 100% Accurate?

Would You Like To Have Your Credit Report 100% Accurate?

Would You Like To Have Your Credit Report 100% Accurate?This is a wish many consumers have — they want their credit reports to have no errors in them.

This wish can come true.

If you are willing to do the work.

Let me tell you a story of a consumer who had this wish, the work she was willing to do, and how ultimately her wish came true.

We will call her “Susie” and she wanted to buy a house.

So she went to apply for a loan to get the house she wanted and there was a Bank of America account on there that was not her account.

Turns out it was identity theft by an ex-husband.

After finding this on her credit report, she wants to fix it.

So she calls Bank of America and they refuse to remove it.

Then she learns she has to dispute it through the credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union) so she does this.

Susie gets her ID Theft Affidavit, her police report, and sends it in to the agencies.

She also goes the extra mile and sends it to Bank of America.

This should have done the trick.

But Bank of America refuses to remove this bogus account and instead sends her a form letter saying it will stay on her reports.

Many consumers give up at this point.

Not Susie.

She sends an “affidavit” where she swears this is not her account.

Surely Bank of America will accept this?


Susie keeps on fighting — now she hires a local lawyer to send multiple letters to Bank of America and the remaining credit reporting agency (Trans Union) to tell them they must get this false account off of her credit report.

They refuse.

So she then hires a bankruptcy lawyer to help her but he can’t file suit in Federal Court under this law because this is not his area of expertise.

Does Susie give up at this point?

No — she asks to be referred to consumer litigation lawyers and she is . . . she meets with them and they agree to file suit.

So a federal lawsuit is filed against Bank of America and TransUnion for violating the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).

Within a matter of months the entire lawsuit is settled and there is no more false information on her credit reports.

Susie has achieved her wish — to have credit reports that are 100% accurate with no errors.

So how did she do it?

By following a simple 4 step approach:

  1.  Pull your credit reports and look at them to see if they are accurate or contain any errors
  2. Dispute any false or incorrect information directly with the consumer reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union) and normally you will want to copy the furnisher of the false information (Bank of America in Susie’s case)
  3. When you get the results of investigation back — if your reports are not 100% correct, either dispute again or
  4. File a lawsuit in federal court under the FCRA and Alabama state law.

Bottom line — don’t give up!  Keep up the fight and you will get your reports where they are 100% truthful and accurate….

Can it be frustrating?


Is it worth the fight?

Yes — you need accurate credit reports.

Keep pushing and the satisfaction you will feel when your credit reports are finally truthful and accurate is amazing.

As frustrated as you feel now, the good feeling is even stronger.

If you live in Alabama, you can pick up your phone and dial 205-879-2447 and let the receptionist know you are calling about errors on your credit reports.  

Or you can fill out our online form and we will either email or call you back.


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