Alabama Foreclosure: When And Where Will My Foreclosure Sale Be Held?

Alabama Foreclosure:  When And Where Will My Foreclosure Sale Be Held?

Alabama Foreclosure: When And Where Will My Foreclosure Sale Be Held?Alabama law requires that non judicial foreclosures must be held at the door to the main entrance of the court house (where the property is located) between 11 am and 4 pm.

If the sale is not held at the proper place or at the proper time, then it is not effective.

Make sure that the foreclosure is conducted properly.

Alabama Code Section 35-10-14 states as follows:

The power to sell lands under this article must be exercised at the appropriate courthouse door considered the front or main door to the courthouse, of the county where the mortgaged land or a substantial and material part thereof, is located.

The sale shall be held between the hours of 11 A.M. and 4 P.M. on the day designated for the exercise of the power to sell the land.

So if you are facing an Alabama foreclosure, go to the courthouse and watch the sale.

See if your property is actually sold during the legal hours.

Take video of every foreclosure sale.

Most homeowners facing a foreclosure find it very helpful to video the sales so there is no doubt.  We are finding a lot of misconduct where the sales are not actually occuring or the foreclosure deed is bogus.

If there is no valid foreclosure, then the mortgage company cannot properly sue to eject (evict) you from your home.

We’ll put it this way:

If a mortgage company lies about the foreclosure happening at the proper place and during the proper time, there will be bad consequences for the mortgage company.

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PS — if you are still before the actual foreclosure sale, consider using your mortgage company to stop the foreclosure.

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