Stop Frivolous Lawsuits Against Alabama Consumers

Everyone is against frivolous lawsuits against Alabama consumers, right?

Well, maybe not so much.

I have heard of many “anti-lawsuit” and “tort-reform” and “Citizens against frivolous lawsuits” in my time as a lawyer but oddly I have never heard of them talk about the bogus, unsupported, shakedown, frivolous collection lawsuits that are clogging up our courts in Alabama.

I wonder why?

Maybe I’m cynical.

Or maybe I’m right.

The companies filing frivolous collection lawsuits are major corporations, not individuals

I wonder if it has to do with the fact that the companies filing these frivolous shakedown lawsuits (with no proof — hoping to extort money out of the innocent defendant) are major corporations.

Instead of it being individuals suing corporations without any basis to do so — which is bad and should be punished — it is corporations suing individuals without any basis to do so.

I wonder if it is because these groups that complain and wring their hands over frivolous lawsuits tend to be dominated by corporate interests.

And the motive is to protect corporations.  Not to stop all frivolous lawsuits.

And if the motive is to protect corporations, then it makes sense that all of these groups that always want to talk about the McDonalds hot coffee case or car wreck cases with exaggerated injuries.

These groups never seem to have time to get around to these thousands of bogus collection lawsuits filed against Alabama citizens.

These groups talk about the damage to the economy.

Think of the damage to the Alabama economy due to the bogus collection lawsuits filed by debt buyers.

Think about the innocent people who pay millions of dollars a year on bogus lawsuits to avoid a judgment or to avoid having to pay even more.

One thousand bogus suits that take up $1000 per suit.

That equals a MILLION dollars.

A million dollars that could have been spent on legitimate businesses and services in Alabama.

A million dollars sucked out of the state and given to shakedown debt buyers from other states.

(Truthfully, the amount is much higher in terms of lawsuits and money paid — but let’s keep it as a million just to be generous to the anti lawsuit groups that turn a blind eye to this huge problem).

Why are the Alabama groups who fight for only legitimate suits to be filed not up in arms about this?

Good question.

I think you’ll find the answer in following the money….

Its fine to support business and corporate interests but don’t be hypocritical.

So a group says, “Look, we just want to stop fraud suits and car wreck suits and medical malpractice suits because the money behind this organizations is from insurance companies.”

That’s fair.

But what is disgusting is how they act like they are trying to protect “the little guy” while truthfully they are merely whores for the insurance industry.

So my message to these groups:

Be honest and proud of who owns you


Actually help fight against the thousands and thousands of bogus lawsuits filed by debt buyers in Alabama.

OK, I’ll step off my soap box now…..

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