Abusive Collectors Have To Pay Your Attorney’s Fees — Poetic Justice, Eh?

Abusive Collectors Have To Pay Your Attorney’s Fees — Poetic Justice, Eh?

One thing to remember about abusive debt collectors is their abuse is rarely “personal” or out of spite towards you.

It is a business decision, made at the highest levels of the collection agency, to abuse consumers.

It is calculated to lead to more profits with very little downside as if consumers do complain, most won’t sue.

And if a few sue, most do it without lawyers.

This allows the abusive collectors to fight you in federal court when you don’t have a lawyer.

One of the biggest things the collectors fear is the attorney fee portion of a lawsuit.

However, if you don’t have an attorney, then this fear is removed.

But if you have a lawyer on your side, now the collector faces the danger of having to pay not only its attorney but your attorney also.

This makes the collection agency, at the highest level (the same level that decided to abuse consumers to make more profits), reconsider the position of the company in your lawsuit.

“Do we continue to fight even though we know we abused this consumer in Alabama?”

“What is the type of verdict we could be hit with when we can’t lie to the consumer about the damages the consumer is entitled to?”

 “They have a lawyer who knows the law so we can’t trick them on the law like we normally do.”

“You mean we have to pay these defense lawyers in Birmingham tens of thousands of dollars to defend this case AND we have to pay even higher fees to the consumer’s lawyer?”

This often leads to the conclusion that the “game is over” and the collection agency has to resolve the case for a fair amount.

When they don’t, it is remarkable how upset the agencies become when they get stuck with a large attorney fee bill that they owe your lawyer,

This is in addition to what they owe you.

I think having an abusive, illegal acting debt collector be forced to pay YOUR lawyer is poetic justice, isn’t it?

And who says there is no justice in the world…. 🙂

So if you are dealing with an abusive collector, get with a good lawyer that can help you.

A lawyer that will start to encourage these lawbreakers to start following the law.

Especially after these guys experience a little bit of justice….

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