Why Should I Look At My Credit Reports Once A Year?

Why Should I Look At My Credit Reports Once A Year?

Let’s talk about this.

Credit reports are adult report cards

These reports are like report cards for adults.

People and companies judge us by our credit reports — fairly or unfairly.

So we need to make sure that our credit reports are accurate and truthful.

Must pull your reports to see if they are accurate

The only way to do this is to pull our credit reports at least once a year.

We have to know what is on our reports before we know if they are accurate or not accurate.

Fortunately, we can do this for free through www.AnnualCreditReport.com.

So . . . it is free and relatively easy to look at our reports. ┬áSo why don’t we always do this?

“My report is fine or my report is bad so I don’t need to see it”

We say “It will look bad — I don’t even want to see it.”

“Ignorance is bliss.”


Truth of the matter is we need to be adults and find out what is in our reports.

If it is false information, then let’s get it corrected.

Bad enough to be judge by our credit reports — even worse to be judged when our reports have false information.

And even if we think our reports are great, are they really?

Could we have missed something?

Or could there be false information on there (ID theft, etc) that we only will find out about when we pull our reports?

Bottom line — we must pull our credit reports to know the truth.

So take the first, easy step — pull your reports for free every 12 months.

Then look at them and if there are any errors, there is an easy way to fix them.

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-John G. Watts

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