How Do I Pull My Credit Reports For Free In The State Of Alabama?

How Do I Pull My Credit Reports For Free in Alabama?

credit reportsYou know you should pull your credit reports — it is critical to find out if there are errors, if there are errors then dispute them, so that you can have an accurate credit report.

But how do you pull your reports for free?

Avoid the scams and the traps set by the credit reporting agencies.

Instead, you can pull your real official reports once every 12 months by going to

Or you can call at 1-877-322-8228 to get your free reports.

You don’t have to buy anything or sign up for anything or give your credit card information.

All you have to do is answer some security questions to make sure it is really you requesting your report.

You can also mail in a request form that you can find here if you want your reports mailed to you.

We encourage you to do this once every 12 months and if you have further questions about credit reports and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) you can read our frequently asked questions about credit reports.

Here’s a video on how you can pull your credit reports on Sage Stream that we did recently.

And you can pull your Innovis report for free here.

It’s easy to pull your credit reports and make sure your information is accurate.

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    Also I recommend you pull your Innovis report for free also — here is an article about how to do this.

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