Sue Alabama Debt Collectors Under FDCPA To Stop Their Abuse

Sue Alabama Debt Collectors Under FDCPA To Stop Their Abuse!

FDCPAI was talking with a friend about consumers who say “I don’t want to sue the collector — I just want the abuse to stop.”

Actually, the best way to stop the abuse is to sue the debt collector.

Many people feel sending a cease and desist letter is the way to stop abusive debt collectors but this is a largely ineffective strategy.

Many people pay debts that are not owed or file bankruptcy just to get the abusive collection calls to stop.

This has long been the case as in the 1970’s Congress recognized that abusive debt collection leads to unnecessary bankruptcies and other social ills.

Here’s the deal:

If you are dealing with an abusive debt collector, sue the collector.

Even the abusive collectors tend to stop contacting you after they are sued.

They know any contact with you after you have hired an attorney is illegal.

They also want to stop increasing your damages so they will leave you alone normally.

When you sue these collectors, you can finally get some peace of mind.

In addition, you will be able to resolve all of your issues with the collector.

We have found they normally don’t want to mess with you anymore.

In addition, they insist that other debts they claim to have with our clients must be killed.

That’s fine.

We are open minded to their proposals and the different parts of a settlement package they give to us to consider.

When these guys get sued — and know they are getting caught — it makes them think twice before abusing others like they have abused you….

So if you are dealing with an abusive debt collector, most of the time, the only way and the best way to end the abuse is to sue them.

Funny how when you fight back with the FDCPA, they suddenly start to respect you and stop their abuse.

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-John G. Watts


  1. Don Price says:

    What does it cost to sue them?

    • JohnGWatts says:

      Don, lawyers who do this type of work almost always do it on a “contingency” basis so there is no cost to you unless the case is won. If the case is won (settlement or judgment) then the lawyer will take a percentage or will be paid on an hourly rate out of the recovery (settlement or judgment).

      There should not be any out of pocket cost to you — instead the fee will be ultimately paid by the debt collector.

      I hope this answers your question — if not then either reply to this or contact me directly.

      Thanks and have a great day.

      John Watts
      Birmingham, Alabama

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