3 Powerful Reasons To Talk To An Alabama FDCPA Lawyer

3 Powerful Reasons To Talk To An Alabama FDCPA Lawyer.

There are many reasons to talk to an Alabama FDCPA lawyer but I want to share three with you if you are dealing with a debt collector who you think may be violating the law or you simply have a question about whether the collector is violating the law.

Here are the three reasons and then we’ll look at each of them in a little more depth:

  1.  Find out your legal rights and options;
  2. Learn how everything fits together — file bankruptcy, settle with the collector, sue the collector, etc; and
  3. Be able to sue the collector if that is an option and it is the best option for you.

Find Out Your Legal Rights And Options

There is a lot of mis-information floating around the internet about your rights and options regarding debt collectors.  Here are some of the more popular ones:

  • If you send a cease and desist (cease communications) letter, the debt collector will always stop abusing you and no other collector will bother you;
  • Debt collectors can’t collect debts — you only have to pay the original creditor;
  • No jury will ever award you money if you have been abused by a debt collector;
  • You should lie or trap or trick the debt collector so you can sue them;
  • You can send a long debt validation letter and the collector must send you stacks of documents or stop collecting against you;
  • It is illegal for debt collectors to credit report against you; and
  • No debt collector will ever sue on a debt in Alabama.

To Be Blunt — These Are All Wrong.

I had a friend who was diagnosing himself — he had a challenging medical condition and was trying to figure out the answer.

So instead of letting the doctors figure it out he found a website where all of his conditions were laid out.

“I found the answer!” he thought.

Then he looked closer at the website.

He was reading about medical conditions.

For horses.

Point is — go to a lawyer who knows the FDCPA and sues debt collectors under the FDCPA to find out your rights.

Not someone who isn’t a lawyer.

Not a lawyer who never stands in front of a jury.

We have some smart people who “know” the FDCPA but never get in a courtroom.

They are very eager to tell me cases to not file and to tell me what a jury will do with a certain case.

I’m amazed at their “knowledge” since they aren’t actually litigating cases — how can they know?

They can’t.

Go to someone who knows and does this stuff on a daily basis.

You will leave that meeting understanding your rights and options and you will learn what not to do so you don’t destroy a legitimate case you have against the debt collector.

You can learn what questions to ask a debt collector on the phone.

In addition,  you’ll learn about simple letters you can send to debt collectors. you will learn if you need to do anything at all with the debt collector.

Oh, and you should not be charged for meeting with the FDCPA lawyer.

Learn How All Of Your Options Fit Together To Come Up With A Good Plan Of Action For You

Normally, if you are dealing with debt collectors you are dealing with other issues.  Maybe a collector is threatening to sue you.  Maybe you have a lot of other debt.  Should you consider bankruptcy?

Here’s the deal.  It is helpful to meet with a consumer lawyer who can put the pieces together for you.

If you potentially owe a collector $30,000, do you sue in a small FDCPA case?

Is it better to sue a debt buyer or let the debt buyer sue you first?  Should you settle with the collector or is the collector a scam collector?

Should you file bankruptcy or wait and see what happens when you sue the abusive debt collectors?

Meeting with a lawyer will help you see these options and how the fit together.

We often meet people and tell them to go see a bankruptcy attorney.

We also have people who want to file bankruptcy and we explain there is no need to — instead we should sue the debt collector.

In addition, we explain how suing the debt collector will impact your credit reports.  How winning your collection case against the debt buyer helps your credit reports, etc.

All of these consumer related areas fit together so it can be very helpful to have one person show you the “big picture” and then break down the details and answer your specific questions.

Be Able To Sue The Debt Collector If That Is The Best Option For You

If you have an abusive debt collector, and you have the right to sue, it is nice if the lawyer you are meeting with will actually sue the collector rather than referring you to a lawyer who sues collectors.

We often meet with Alabama consumers and at the end of the meeting our clients have signed a contract and we are working on the lawsuit.

Sometimes it is better to delay as there are other things to do before suing but it is nice to have the option to sue and to know your lawyer is the one filing the lawsuit.

To be blunt, I think only a lawyer who does this type of work can tell you if filing a lawsuit is the best option.

There are lots of lawyers who claim to know about dealing with collectors but if they don’t actually sue — if they don’t actually stand in front of a jury — how do they know?

Go to an attorney who does this type of work in your state or your area.

I think you will leave that meeting knowing if suing is an option.

And if it is an option, is it a good option?

And if it is a good option, then you have found your attorney.

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-John G. Watts


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