5 Dirty Tricks Debt Collectors Use On Your Credit Reports

5 Dirty Tricks Alabama Debt Collectors Use On Your Credit Reports.

Debt collectors love to mis-use the incredible power of credit reporting in order to force you to pay them and the abusive ones don’t mind breaking the law to do so.

There are five common dirty tricks related to credit reports that collectors enjoy using.

We’ll list these out and then in separate articles we will take them one at a time.

  1. Re-aging the debt;
  2. Sue you and lose the collection case and still it stays on the credit report;
  3. Disputed debt must be shown as “disputed” but it often is not;
  4. You settle the case in full, but it shows on credit report as still being owed; and
  5. Credit reporting a debt that simply is not yours.

We will discuss these in more detail but if you have any dealings with a debt collector, it makes sense to pull your credit reports and then see if any of these dirty tricks have been pulled on you.

If they have pulled any of these tricks, then learn what you need to do to fight back.

Get your credit report fixed.

Get damages for the abusive conduct.

Stop these guys from abusing you in this way — by doing so you will stop them from abusing others.

You’ll be a hero to others when you fight back against these debt collectors.

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