Three Documents Needed To Resolve Lawsuit After A Foreclosure

Three Documents Needed To Resolve Lawsuit After A Foreclosure

If you live in Alabama and have already been foreclosed upon, many questions may flood your mind.

You may ask, “How do I undo the foreclosure and get back on with my life staying in my home?”

You’ll need three documents to resolve the lawsuit.

Normally the lawsuit is when the mortgage company (Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc) or Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac have sued to eject (evict) you from your home.

If you file an Answer to the lawsuit and a counterclaim against whoever sued you and the mortgage company that acted illegally towards you, then you may find yourself in a position to potentially settle your case.

The three documents that are needed are:

We will talk about these documents in more detail in future articles but we wanted to give you an overview of how foreclosures in Alabama are actually reversed and cases settled.

The bottom line is it is possibleĀ if you have the right case and make the right arguments, to undo a foreclosure, get a loan modification, and settle the case so that you can stay in your home and have life return to normal.

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-John G. Watts


  1. carol says:

    Hello, Watts & Herring

    My name is Carol, I will try to explain my situation, To make a long story short. My house is being foreclosed on they informed me when I called after calling several times trying to reach the home specialist person but couldnot contact him for months he never returns the call as they say he will in 48 hours also requested them give me another one nothing,also I told them that I haven’t talk to him since around January or Febuary. I called to find out that they cannot modify my loan and it was denied on May 3rd and that the house went into foreclosure on May 18th or May 23rd I am getting two different dates. I receive a letter from their lawyer on or about June 1st or 2nd telling the loan is in default and contact them within 30days. which I have not contacted them yet. What can I do from here? It’s more to the story but this is where I am at right now. Thank you in advance for any assistant that you can give me. I am watching your video on youtube great job.

    Thanks again Carol

    • JohnGWatts says:


      Thank you for your kind comments. I’m glad the videos are helpful.

      The problem with going through the loan modification process is that unreturned phone calls, lost paperwork, requests to resend information in time and time again are common experiences. Frustrating experiences at that.

      It is important to document everything that is happening. Who are you talking to? What did they tell you?

      If you haven’t already, feel free to call my office at 205-879-2447 or contact us through the contact form on our website.

      Best wishes

      John Watts

  2. Jeffrey & Colleen Burback says:


    We need your help. Our home was forclosed on yesterday, October 24th, and I know it was done illegally. I have proof of fraud and we need an attorney. I will be calling your office tomorrow, I pray that you can help us.

    Thank you,
    Colleen & Jeff Burback

    • JohnGWatts says:

      Colleen and Jeff,

      Give us a call and we’ll be glad to chat. My paralegal Randi Curb will get with you — she was out yesterday so should be able to get with you on Monday.

      It is important to learn your rights and then take the right action so glad y’all are checking into your options.

      When we talk we’ll figure out options and see what the best course of action is but regardless of the outcome, you are doing the right thing by being proactive.

      John Watts

  3. Dawn Sylvester says:

    Do you have any attorney contacts in the Chicagoland area regarding lawsuits after foreclosure. A summary judgement was awarded but, the sale date was halted by our filing a chptr 13 plan. Since, the plan failed. Our case was dismissed Nov 15th for failure to pay plan & missing business value paper work. A big part of the plan failing… In June 2012 my husband fell 20ft and almost lost his life. Currently, he’s undergone a serious surgery to undergo exporitory repair to shoulder/arm for injuries. He has two other surgerie pending the completion of his current therapy. Now, Chase filed a motion to obtain approval to finalize last foreclosure process. Basically, to evict us. Important. Our Chptr 13 was filed 4/1/11. Chase scheduled a sale date of 4/11. However,the automatic stay was inplace which I believe, there was a document showing that was suspended by chase. Today, I was informed new motions were filed in the case.
    There is a motion date of March 2013 asking for court approval or final distribution/evict? The documents Chase filed have the 4/11/11 date. Again, this was the time we were protected by the automatic stay. Originally, we had an attorney who answered the original complaint. We paid a retainer for his services to defend oir case agaianst Chase. We also, paid a monthly fee for his services. In the end, the attorney told us he could’nt help and pushed us to file a chptr 13. Not knowing what to do we followed his recommendation. Since, the originally filing of our chptr 13 case we were left to make strategic moves which, led to early dismissal(in order to obtain new attorney) who …re-filed case. After struggles due to illness/injury w/slowed income/ collections. We’re self employed. Our case dismissed once more. Today, we find the original attorney is still listed on file for the Chase foreclosure. Not sure how to proceed. Sorry for the run on….but, nowhere to turn. Also, other real estate. Need mortgage modifications.

    If you can even believe….I’ve another horror story at another home I own. I’ve been “locked out” /
    “home invasion” … & tortured by SETERUS while in chptr 13. The attorney was aware but neve told the court. Please, if you have any immediate recommendations I’d be forever grateful. I’m a fan of your site. TY Dawn.

    • JohnGWatts says:


      I’m sorry you are facing this — sounds like your family has been through a long struggle.

      As far as lawyers go, I suggest checking with to see about finding a lawyer in your area. You might also check out which has a listing of lawyers. You should be able to search for foreclosure defense lawyers.

      I wish you the best of luck and keep us posted on how this turns out for you.

      Thanks for the comment about our site — glad it has been of some help to you…

      John Watts

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