Have You Ever Sued A Collector Under The FDCPA?

“Have You Ever Sued A Collector Under The FDCPA?”

This question is often asked by someone who is looking to sue an abusive debt collector under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) federal law.

The answer is we normally file about five new  lawsuits a month.

Sometimes more and sometimes less.

The reason consumers who are doing their due diligence ask this question is to help them find the right lawyer to sue the debt collector.

There is a difference between thinking about filing suit and actually filing suit in Federal Court

Many folks “think” about suing in Federal Court but don’t (or won’t) actually file a lawsuit against an abusive debt collector.

So they will write letters.  And threaten the collector.

“Saber rattling” is what they will call it.

“If you don’t settle then I will sue you!”

But the debt collectors keep up with who actually sues and who does not sue.

Except in very rare cases, we negotiate with an abusive debt collector AFTER we sue them.  We find the lawsuit in Federal Court gets their attention.  A demand letter sent pre-suit is often ignored — the process drawn out.

Do you want a lawyer who has never sued a collector in Federal Court and you will be their first case?

Experience does not mean someone is the best but it is one factor in finding the right lawyer for you

Everyone has a first time.

First time doing brain surgery.

First time fixing a car.

The question is do you want your lawyer’s “first time” to be on your case?

Now there are lawyers who are experienced and never rise to a competent level.  So experience is not a cure all but it is a factor to consider.

Over the years we have filed hundreds of suits against collectors and we will be happy to share our knowledge and advice with you.

Contact Us to find out if we are the right law firm for you

If you live in Alabama and want to know if we have sued the collector you are dealing with, or if we have handled a similar type of suit, feel free to pick up the phone and call us at 205-879-2447 or fill out our online contact form.

We’ll talk about whether we believe you have a case.  And if you do, what are the advantages and disadvantages of filing a lawsuit.

Then you make the decision on what you want to do.  A decision based upon an experienced opinion.

I look forward to chatting with you.

Have a great day!

-John G. Watts

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