How Much Is Initial Consultation With An FDCPA Lawyer?

How Much Is Initial Consultation With An FDCPA Lawyer?

FDCPAThere is no charge to meet with us in person or by phone to discuss a potential lawsuit against a debt collector that violated the law (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA) against you.  As you may know, we sue lawbreaking debt collectors and then we discuss settlement with them.

If we meet and you decide to go forward with the case and we agree to accept the case, then we handle these types of cases on a contingency basis so you don’t need to bring us any money.  We look to the debt collector who we are going to sue to pay our legal fees ultimately.

If we meet and you do not want to go forward with suing the collector or if we do not agree to accept your case (we only have room for a limited number of cases every month), then there is also no charge.  We don’t charge you for our time.

We do expect that you will come to the meeting prepared.

In a normal FDCPA type of case we need you to bring (or send us ahead of time) the following:

  • All collection letters for any debts you have;
  • Copies of all voicemails you have received from any debt collectors;
  • Your credit reports from; and
  • A timeline of what has happened between you and the collection agency that you are seeing us about.

The reason we need all of the information listed above is that is what will enable us to give you an opinion on whether you have a valid lawsuit and whether we can accept your case.

So bring all of the information listed above and leave your checkbook at home…

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Or you can fill out a contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

I look forward to chatting with you!

Have a great day.

-John G. Watts

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