I’m Nervous About Giving A Deposition — Is This Normal?

“I’m Nervous About Giving A Deposition — Is This Normal?”

depositionYes, it is normal to be concerned when your deposition has been scheduled.

Let’s first talk about what a deposition is and then we’ll talk about what to do in one.

If you are even thinking about one, it means you are in a lawsuit.  Or you are about to be in a lawsuit.

What is a deposition?

A deposition is when you will be questioned by the lawyers on the other side and you will give your answers under oath.

It is part of what is called “discovery” and that means where the parties exchange information to learn about each other’s evidence and information.

Normally you will be in a conference room in person with your lawyer and the lawyer asking you questions.

A court reporter is present who will keep a written record of all questions and answers.

Speaking of questions, how do you answer them?

How do I answer questions in one?

As we show in the video above, you can break down each question that comes your way into a four part process:

  1. Make sure you hear the question;
  2. Be sure you understand the question;
  3. Make sure you think about the truthful answer; and
  4. Only answer the question asked.

Now, there is a lot more to getting ready for one of these.

Sometimes we will spend several days getting our clients ready for it.

Prepare yourself by meeting with us and following our suggestions.

(If another lawyer represents you then obviously get with that lawyer to get you ready).

But is it natural for me to feel nervous before my deposition?


The fact that you feel nervous about your deposition is a good thing.

This part of the case is important and being nervous or concerned shows that you care about how you do.

And a successful deposition is simply one where you tell the truth on each answer you give to each question asked.

If you had no concern in the world?

It would mean you didn’t care.

We want our clients to care because the case is important and the truth is important to our clients.

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John Watts

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