They Laughed When He Said He Would Fight A Wrongful Foreclosure — They Aren’t Laughing Now…

They Laughed When He Said He Would Fight A Wrongful Foreclosure  — They Aren’t Laughing Now… [Updated August 8, 2020]

wrongful foreclosure

The mortgage companies think they are untouchable and they think they can do a foreclosure on you and then kick you out of your house even if they broke the law.

These guys are wrong . . . if . . . you stand up and fight them . . . no matter what others say to you.

“They” Laugh When You Say You Will Fight Back Against Bank of America Or Wells Fargo Or Any Other Mortgage Company Who Is Threatening A Foreclosure

“You can’t fight them — they are too big!”

“The judge will never listen to you since you fell behind on your mortgage.”

“Even if the mortgage company lied to you and didn’t have the right to foreclose, you’ll never find anyone to help you fight back.”

In short, “they” will mock you and laugh at you for being crazy enough to want to fight back against your mortgage company after a foreclosure.

Why Do “They” Laugh?

Because they are sitting on the sidelines.  Because they don’t ever fight back.  They don’t ever do anything.

So when you stand up . . . when you decide to take action . . . when you decide to fight back?  Well, now you are making “them” look bad.  “They” don’t like the reflection they see of themselves sitting on their couch while you do something.

So what do we do when we see someone doing something that makes us feel bad about our own lack of action?

We criticize it.

Laugh at them.

We try to belittle the other person to make ourselves feel better.

Doesn’t work . . . doesn’t fix anything . . . but it does take away their pain for just a moment.  “They” live by the motto “Misery loves company.”

Who Are “They” Anyway?

Here’s a quote from Napoleon Hill:  “Who said it could not be done? And tell me what great victories does he have to his credit which qualifies him to judge what can and can’t be accomplished.”

Good thoughts.

“They” are the ones who don’t do anything and aren’t qualified to tell you what you can and can’t do.

Ignore them.

They mean nothing.

Why “They” Don’t Matter

Teddy Roosevelt once said:  “It behooves every man to remember that the work of the critic is of altogether secondary importance, and that, in the end, progress is accomplished by the man who does things.”

“They” don’t make any decisions so ignore them.

Gather information and knowledge and then take the appropriate action.  If that is to fight back against the crooked mortgage companies, then do it and do it with all of your heart and mind.

Why “They” Aren’t Laughing Anymore

When they see you fight back, they stop laughing.  They watch and wonder.  They tell their friends you will lose.

But secretly they admire your willingness to fight — your willingness to actually do something.

Whether you win or lose, they will respect you deep down.  They know you did something they were unwilling to do — take a stand and fight back.

Do What You Need To Do To Stop A Wrongful Foreclosure And Ignore The Negative People

You are being threatened with foreclosure and you know your mortgage company has violated the law.

Learn your rights.  Interview and find the right lawyer for you.

Take action by suing the mortgage company if that is appropriate.

Above all — ignore the sideline people . . . the negative people.  At the end of the day they don’t matter but know that if you stand up to fight, then at the end of the day they won’t be laughing anyway….

John Watts

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