Winning Through Intimidation: Debt Buyer Lawsuits In Alabama

Winning Through Intimidation:  Debt Buyer Lawsuits In Alabama.

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Debt buyers sue in Alabama — normally without any proof — but yet they recover millions of dollars from consumers who almost certainly don’t owe the debt buyer.

How does this happen?

Simply through intimidation….

Getting threatened with a suit is enough for most folks to pay — even to pay the wrong company.  Even to pay a debt buyer who does not own the debt.

But then when you get sued by debt buyers — talk about intimidating!

A sheriff knocks on your door.  Your spouse and kids look from you to the sheriff back to you in disbelief.

“What is going on?”

You start reading and hearing about judgments.  Garnishments.  Wiping out your bank accounts.

The collection lawyers inform you, usually in quiet sad tones, that “We will be forced to get a judgment and take your wages and the money in your bank.”

What can you do?

The collection lawyers will tell you . . . your friends and family will tell you . . . you have no choice but to pay this debt buyer.

I mean . . . they sued you, right?  So you must owe it, right?

Here’s the deal.

If the debt buyer doesn’t own the debt, then you don’t owe the debt buyer any money when the debt buyer sues you.  You see, the debt buyer claims to own the debt.  If it is wrong, then you may owe someone but you don’t owe this debt buyer.

I watch collection lawyers come into court . . . empty handed.  

They often have no proof.  

No evidence.  

No witnesses.

Yet people still pay these debt buyers money.

Simply because they are intimidated.

The solution?

Know your rights.  But don’t stop there.

Knowledge is only potential power.

True power comes from knowledge and action.

So learn your rights and then take action.  It may be the right decision to settle with a debt buyer.  But don’t do it out of intimidation.  Do it from a position of knowledge.

And if it makes sense to fight the debt buyer, then do that.

Call us if you have any questions — simply dial 205-879-2447 and ask for Carolyn.  She’ll look up your lawsuit and then answer questions for you.  Then she’ll set us up a phone appointment to go over your options.

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Best wishes….

John Watts

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind you actually have Five Options when sued by a debt buyer:

  1. File bankruptcy — this is normally not a good idea but it is an option;
  2. Fight the lawsuit without hiring a lawyer — often this is a good idea.  We can talk you through this as many Alabama consumers have successfully done this.
  3. Settle the lawsuit on your own — occasionally this is a good idea.  Do understand about credit reporting and tax consequences.
  4. Fight the lawsuit by hiring a lawyer — you need to see the likelihood of success and compare to the cost of the lawyer.
  5. Settle the lawsuit by hiring a lawyer — again look at the costs and benefits of doing this.

We can explain our unique way of representing folks to remove the risk from hiring us.  We have helped hundreds and hundreds of Alabama consumers over the years and we’ll be glad to hep you understand your options.

Call us at 205-879-2447 and ask for Carolyn thanks!


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