Harassed By Foreign Or U.S. Debt Collector Over Pay Day Loan?

Harassed By Foreign Or U.S. Debt Collector Over Pay Day Loan?

pay day loanThis is a huge problem and its getting bigger,

Unfortunately, foreign (and domestic) scam debt collectors will call you over pay day loans. Or similar types of debts.

They don’t care if you owe this pay day loan or not.

Surprisingly, they will make outrageous threats that make normal, abusive collectors, blush…

Here’s the pattern:

  • You get a call on your cell phone or at your work or even your home;
  • A foreign sounding person named “Bob” or “Peggy” will tell you are under investigation;
  • You are accused of bank fraud and other felonies;
  • The sheriff is on his way to pick you up;
  • But if you will pay over the phone with a credit card or western union asap, then the sheriff will be called off and you won’t go to jail; and
  • If you refuse, the collector will call your work a dozen times or more in a day and will call your family and tell them you are going to jail.

Here’s the best solution we have found for these lunatics — and by the way the “Peggy” from Russia (the funny commercial is below) does not control our good sheriffs and police.

So here’s the solution:

  • Ask Peggy or Bob or whatever their bogus name is to send you a letter;
  • This freaks them out — they will go crazy and refuse to send you a letter;
  • This lets you know that this is a scam place — real (even terribly abusive) collection agencies send letters;
  • The nut job will tell you that they can’t send you a letter or it is illegal or it is too late;
  • But they will offer to email you — tell them you want a real, good old fashioned letter with a stamp on it;
  • Ask them for their physical address and name of their company — they will say “We can’t tell you” or “It is Law Firm” as if a law firm is named “Law Firm”;
  • When they continue to tell you about the sheriff — ask them for the case number or which sheriff as you want to call to verify this;
  • They will refuse to do this or they will tell you some other state’s sheriff is coming to arrest you (as if the police from Atlanta care about some pay day loan in Alabama…); and
  • If you stay calm, and keep asking for a letter and other information to verify this guy is legitimate (and you can tell him that you have heard there are a lot of scams), they normally will go away.

Now, I can’t tell you whether a call you just received five minutes ago is legitimate or not.

But if you ask the questions listed above, you can normally tell if this is legit or a scam.

Legitimate debt collectors, even the ones who break the law, want to get paid.

They have real offices and send real letters.

The fake scammers don’t normally do this.

I don’t know why.  (Maybe they don’t want to commit mail fraud….)

Really, it’s not hard to send a letter.

I’m sure they will adapt at some point, but this is a good test.

Calling the police to check out the story of there being an arrest warrant for you is also a good idea.

Take good notes , as with any debt collector.

If you live in Alabama and want to discuss what is happening, feel free to call us at 205-879-2447.

Or, you fill out our contact form here.

John Watts


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