Afraid To Answer Your Phone Because Of Collectors?

Collectors calling

Collectors calling

We understand that when you see on your phone the number of a debt collector, it causes your stomach to tighten up and your heart to race.  You may feel fear.  You may feel anger mixed with fear or dread.  But no one experiences pleasant feelings.

Follow the steps below and the fear and dread will melt away and you will have peace of mind….

Most People Ignore The Collectors Calling — This Is A Mistake

The phone rings.  You know it is a collector.  So you ignore it.

Maybe a voice mail message is left (which often violates the law).  Maybe not.

Even though you ignore the call . . . the collector will not ignore you.  The collector will call again and again and again.  Or maybe sue you.  Or call your relatives illegally.

Lots of things the collector may do but forgetting about you is not one of them.

Answer The Phone When You Can Talk Without Distraction

You need to answer the phone but don’t do it when you can’t talk or focus.

Don’t do it when your kids need you.  Answer the phone when you can talk to the collector and take good detailed notes about the conversation.  You want to be able to remember details about the call.

Keep in mind if the collector is abusive on the call, that recorded call will “accidentally” disappear.  So you need your own notes.

So what is the purpose of talking to the collector?

Ask Questions To Gain Information

We won’t repeat all the information on this as we have a detailed article on what to say when you talk with collectors.  Here is a helpful collection log and explanation that you might want to review.

The basic idea is to find out:

  • Who is calling
  • Why they are calling
  • What debt they are calling about
  • How much do they say you owe
  • How do you know they really own the debt or have the right to collect the debt
  • What information will they send you
  • If you owe the debt, what kind of arrangements can you make to resolve the debt

If You Owe The Debt To The Collection Agency And The Collector Follows The Law, Consider Paying The Debt

We should pay the debts that we owe.

When we owe a collection agency, and if it is collecting the amount we owe, then we should pay the debt if at all possible.

If you have asked questions and you are comfortable that you owe the debt to this collector, then paying it should stop the collection activities and bring you peace of mind that you have resolved this issue.

If The Collector Breaks The Law, Consider Suing

Often the collector will break the law, especially the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).  This gives you rights.  You have the right to sue.  You have the right to obtain money damages.

When you stand up to these big collectors, interesting things tend to happen.

First, they normally will leave you alone.

Second, other collectors find out that you are willing to fight the fight and stand up to collectors.  The bullies don’t like to fight the heroes who stand up to them.

Third, you protect others.  You protect those that might not have the courage or the will power to stand up for themselves.  Be their voice.  You can make a difference by explaining to these abusive collectors that it is unfair to honorable collectors to be an abusive collector and it is not profitable to keep doing that…..

Finally, you may be entitled to money damages to compensate you for the damages the abusive collector has caused you.  I’ve never had anyone turn down the collector’s money — the collectors hate to pay out the money but when they get caught, there is not a whole lot they can do as they are usually nervous about fighting you if you have a good case and a good lawyer on your side.

When You Take These Steps, The Fear Will Melt Away

The phone will stop ringing.

Or if it continues, you now have a game plan.

You know what to do.

What to say when you talk.

You know if you owe the debt, you should pay it.

You know if the collector is abusive, you should look into suing the collector.

Now you can take back control of your phone.  Take back control of your life.

There is no need to be afraid of the collectors.

You can also call us to help you get a game plan of what to do

We know the world of debt collection is a strange world, so if you live in Alabama and want some help from us, we will be happy to help you.

Give us a call at 205-879-2447 or fill out our contact page and we’ll be happy to help guide you through the process.  

There is no charge to chat and we are confident you will feel more confident and relaxed after we talk.

Talk to you soon!

John Watts


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