Alabama Consumer Lawsuits Against LVNV For Illegal Collection Actions

Alabama Consumer Lawsuits Against LVNV For Illegal Collection Actions

debt collectorLVNV, which is a debt collector/buyer, sues many consumers in Alabama.

All cases that we are aware of where the consumer fought back, LVNV has lost the collection case.

The reason for this is that LVNV files suits with not apparent intention of ever proving their case.

These cases seem to be filed simply to obtain default judgments.

In our judgment this violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, also known as the FDCPA.

You’d think that after LVNV loses its bogus lawsuit it’d be over, right?

LVNV will move to the next person, right?


Even though the client doesn’t owe the, LVNV often continues to collect on it.

Sometimes this takes the form of sending collection letters by the collection law firm.

This violates the FDCPA.

Sometimes other debt collectors are hired by LVNV to continue to collect on a non-existent debt.

This also violates the FDCPA.

Sometimes this debt collector will continue to credit report that the Alabama consumer owes the debt, even after the judge has said that the consumer does not owe the debt.

This violates the FDCPA.

Remarkably, even when a consumer disputes the debt through the credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, etc), and tells them that the debt  is not owed after the collection lawsuit, LVNV will still continue to insist the debt is owed.

In¬†addition, they keep it on the Alabama consumer’s credit report.

This violates the FDCPA and the Fair Credit Reporting Act, also known as the FCRA.

Finally, LVNV will even sue consumers who have already settled their debts with this debt collector.

LVNV responds to all of these cases with excuses and explanations.

In addition, LVNV complains that the consumer shouldn’t care about being sued or collected against or to have false credit reporting.

We disagree, and our clients disagree.

On this page we will list links to some of the lawsuits that we have filed against LVNV for this exact type of mis-conduct.

We will continue to add to this list, as we can.

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-John G. Watts

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