How Can You Help Me AFTER A Foreclosure – Everyone Says It Is Too Late!

How Can You Help Me AFTER A Foreclosure – Everyone Says It Is Too Late!

What can you do after a foreclosure?A common scene in our office is to meet with Alabama homeowners who are literally depressed.

They’re depressed over a mortgage company doing everything in its power to steal their home through a wrongful foreclosure.

Typically, when this happens the homeowner will contact a family lawyer or a bankruptcy lawyer and the statement that is made uniformly is that after the foreclosure there is nothing that can be done to save the home.

This is NOT true in every foreclosure!

Even though everyone may tell you there is no hope for you after a foreclosure, take the initiative and find out for yourself.

The typical advice is “Stay in the home until the Sheriff drags you out” or “Start packing and go ahead and get out after getting a little bit of ‘cash for keys'”.

When we tell homeowners that there are options after a wrongful foreclosure we are typically met with disbelief.

The reaction normally is,

“I would like to believe that you can help me but, how can you help me when it’s too late?

Here is the truth of the matter.

Being on the other side of a foreclosure puts you in a deep hole.

Legally, economically, and psychologically you are at a great disadvantage after a foreclosure.

But, the game is not over.

Remember that in Alabama foreclosures occur without any involvement from the court.

No judge has decided that the mortgage company properly foreclosed against you.

The mortgage company just decided on its own to foreclose against you.

The same mortgage companies that nearly destroyed our economic framework due to their massive fraud and incompetence.

Their incompetence requires hundreds of billions of dollars in our money to bail these banks out of their own mess.

These are the geniuses that have decided that they have the right to foreclose.

Fortunately, we understand that big businesses do not run this country.

They do not get to decide when they have complied with the contract and complied with the law.

To evict you or eject you out of your home the corporation must either intimidate you into doing this.

They are very good at this but you can resist it – or they have to sue you.

When they sue you, they come down to Alabama and they put themselves in front of an Alabama judge and jury.

They get to decide on whether or not they have followed the law in the foreclosure.  

The jury decides if they lied to you, put improper fees on you, or improperly applied your payments, etc.

In other words — they have to give up the seat of power that they abuse you from — and let someone else sit in judgment of them.

They do not like this at all!

It gives us a perfect opportunity to bring before the court the fraud and other wrongful conduct that we so often see in Alabama foreclosures.

If you would like to read more about various types of conduct that results in wrongful foreclosures you can either request our book on “Stopping Wrongful Foreclosures in Alabama” or read our article, Alabama Wrongful Foreclosures.

If you would like to receive our book at no charge on “Five Mistakes that Alabama Homeowners Typically Make When Sued for Ejectment”, just fill out our contact form or pick up the phone and call us at (205) 879‑2447.

By reading this book, it will give you some general guidelines and principles on exactly what is involved in an ejectment suit in terms of mistakes that are often made that you can avoid.

We hope that this article has been helpful.

We welcome any Alabama consumer to call us at (205) 879‑2447 or to contact us through our web site.

Have a great day.

-John Watts


  1. Angela Starnes says:

    We have been served an ejection notice from Federal National Mortgage Association. However, I do not feel that we should have been subjected to this order. I have been in constant contact with JP Chase Morgan and their attorney and I was given the run around. As I was advised to do by Chase’s foreclosure attorney, I made numerous phone calls trying to clarify my rights, but yet again I was not given information that would assist us in retaining our home. We do not feel that we were treated fairly or legally. We do acknowledge our responsibility in this matter. However, we were not informed of right or options as a homeowner. Furthermore, we do not feel that the foreclosure auction was conducted as Alabama Law requires.
    I would greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter. Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter.
    Thank you in advance for your immediate attention to this matter.

    • John Watts says:


      I have been out of town in a conference and just got your message. I sent your contact information to my paralegal Randi and she will get with you.

      Do keep an eye out for making sure you don’t let the 30 days run on your time to answer as you should have been sued in Circuit Court which gives you 30 days to answer.

      I would suggest carefully documenting exactly what happened with you and Chase and the foreclosure lawyers.

      You are also welcome to call my office at 205-879-2447 and ask for Randi Curb to speak with her about your situation.

      I’m sorry this happened and keep in mind that it is possible to undo this foreclosure if you have a legal case and if you are willing to fight to save your home.

      Take care….

      John Watts

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