Why Does A Debt Collector Call Third Parties?

Why Does A Debt Collector Call Third Parties?

debt collector calling third partiesIt works.

This is the short and simple answer.

Think about it this way . . .

If a debt collector writes you a letter, what can you do?

Ignore it.  Throw it away.

If a debt collector calls you, what can you do?

You can see it come up on caller ID and ignore it.

If a debt collector calls and leaves you a voicemail message, what can you do?

Ignore it.  Delete it.

If a debt collector calls your neighbor or your co-worker or your family, what can you do?

Pray it won’t happen again.

Politely tell the debt collector he is breaking the law (which he already knew) and ask him to please not break the law anymore because it really bothers you.

Ask him to please start following the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and not illegally call third parties.

Be embarrassed that this is happening and hope the collector will stop.

Or you can call the collector and tell them how angry you are.

Debt collectors love when you call and are mad – it means you are emotional and it gives them a chance to get you to do things you would not normally do when you have a “clear head”.

Maybe you’ll pay because you can’t stand the embarrassment of having your neighbors or co-workers or your ex mother in law talking about you.

Here’s what a collector posted in response to the video above about calling third parties to make you pay:

There’s some good info here, but I don’t like the end part… “make them pay.” It’s not illegal to call a 3rd party provided there’s no disclosure and the laws are followed. Often times we’ll do a whitepages search and we have an address of the debtor but no #. In that case I often ask a neighbor to get a message to the debtor. And it works and I don’t see anything immoral about that. Would you agree? 

I appreciate the honesty in the collector’s comment – “And it works”.  You see that is the bottom line.

How much more so when the collector actually reveals details of the debt.  Its all illegal – asking to give a message, telling the third party about the debt, etc.

While collectors may not think this is immoral, it is illegal.  It  is wrong.

The reason is it has the effect of humiliating folks.  Because let’s be honest — if you get a stranger calling you and asking you to take a message to a neighbor, you know something is odd.

And you’ll look up who called because of curiosity.

The debt collectors (at least the supervisors) know this and it usually only takes one or two neighbors (what’s called a “block party”) coming to you to force you to pay.

Remember there is a difference between being effective and being legal.  Threatening you with a gun would be effective.

And illegal.

What’s the solution — fight back!

If you know your rights and fight back — you can stop this type of abusive behavior.

Call us at 205-879-2447 (or use our contact form).

We’ll help you think through your options on the best way to deal with a debt collector who is abusing you.  

Normally that is to sue for money damages.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a great day.

John Watts

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